14. Why is there opposition from certain rabbis against the Kabbalah Centre?

There has never been a time, in all of human history, when a positive and profound change in civilization, did not first encounter enormous resistance and protest by those in the establishment.

Tossing out obstacles and challenging all forms of change and progress is an innate trait of humanity.

It could be in the areas of science, politics, or the social sciences, it doesn't really matter, any kind of discovery, innovation or advancement of the human condition, is always first met with criticism and defiance before eventually taking hold.

Kabbalah is no exception. Controversy of this nature has been a trademark of Kabbalah since the time of the First Temple.

The great Kabbalists of history ~ men like R. Joseph Caro, author of the compendium of Jewish Law, R. Chaim Luzzato, whose works are well-read in religious schools worldwide ~ were scorned and defamed by their own Rabbinical colleagues. Some, even to the point of being ex-communicated.

Ironically, upon leaving this world, these very same Kabbalists were held in the highest regard, with all respect by their former peers. History now regards these Kabbalists as giants, with great reverence and authority.

Unfortunately, division and separation does cause severe damage. Once again, the sole purpose of The Kabbalah Center is to remove these negative and destructive barriers and to look for ways to unite.

According to the Torah, negative or evil speech about anyone else, under any circumstances, is considered to be a horrendous and dangerous sin for speech has the power to arouse both positive and negative forces. Karen Berg once said: "People should be more concerned with what comes out of their mouths as opposed to what goes into their mouths."

Instead of looking for ways to cause further division, Kabbalah teaches us to look for ways to unite and come together. Unity occurs through tolerance, compassion, sensitivity and understanding. This is the only formula that can end the disease of hatred. Unity does not mean foregoing one's individuality or viewpoint. Opposites can still be united. Two individuals with two contrasting perspectives can still be united towards a common goal. In fact, Kabbalah teaches us that unity can only occur through diversity. A successful business needs both a marketing department and a financial department. If the two are sensitive and respectful to each other's position, their unity elevates the business to a much greater level. Life works the same way.