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by Hannah Newman --

Welcome to one Jew's analysis of a Kinder, Gentler Final Solution.

The links below will take you behind the scenes of a worldwide phenomenon which is familiar to all, but is seldom recognized for what it is -- and certainly not among the Jewish people.

This phenomenon has triggered a "paradigm shift" that is pregnant with a brand of antisemitism both new and frighteningly familiar.  It has carried its seeds throughout our global environment to the point where you will be tempted to disbelieve what you are reading.  That's fine -- be skeptical; check it out for yourself.  Everything is documented.

The most shocking thing is that this warning has been sounding since 1980. Why haven't the Jews heard about it before?  Because the warning was coming from Christians, and we Jews don't pay attention to anything that might contain a possible proselytizing message.  So we've missed it.

But why haven't more Jews been sounding their own warning over the last 23 years? Beats me. Ask your rabbi or Jewish community leader. I'd like nothing better than to be able to link kindred sites to mine. But I know of exactly five serious Jewish researchers besides myself (hey, at least that's up from three in 1999...!), from a community of extremely well-educated millions... and (still...) none of these have made their work available on line.


Notes for Jews involved in the New Age Movement, for debunkers of conspiracy theories and skeptics, and for those who have never been happy with the Age of Aquarius.

A. HOW BIG A CONSPIRACY?   Last update: 30/nov/00
Leading New Agers make some pretty fantastic claims. Are they exaggerating?  How can they function if the Benevolent Conspiracy is as big as they say?

Human evolution takes on epic proportions -- and definitely racist tones. Guess how the Jews rate... but reincarnation and karma explain everything. The fact that 80% of humanity must be weeded out to save dear Mother Earth is only part of the Big Cosmic Picture.

C. THE GODS OF THE NEW AGE   Last update: 30/nov/00
The "Creator", the "Christ"... They don't mean what Jews think they mean. But that's part of The Plan. Meet the NA Hierarchy, their "trinity" and Lucifer... (who?!)  What do "The Masters" offer mankind, what do they want from us, and how is their track record so far?

D. 'THE PLAN' OF THE NEW AGE   Last update: 30/nov/00
The goal of "The Plan": world peace. But first the Hierarchy has a score to settle in an ancient War. Next they will deal with "world problems" like the Jews. Read about your date with Planetary Initiation, who is running the New Humanity Project, and what nuclear disarmament is really for.

E. NEW AGE VIEWS ON JEWS AND JUDAISM   Last update: 30/nov/00
The "Jewish Problem": how we ruined mankind with Judaism, Zionism and just being ourselves. Why we had to do it, why the New Age has to undo it. They don't hate the Jews. (The secular Jews do it for them.) But the "Dark Force" behind the Jews is another matter.

F. NAZISM AND NEW AGE   Last update: 19/dec/00
Hitler the adept occultist, Gnostic guardian of the Grail, messiah of the New Humanity. Fellow occultists knew it, Hindus and Western New Agers recognized it, the neo-Nazis celebrate it. Yet few historians have explored this link. Why do so many Holocaust scholars miss it?

G. THE TRANSFORMATION OF SOCIETY   Last update: 30/nov/00
More than a familiar slogan, "Transformation" is the New Age strategy to get us to conform to The Plan, either knowingly or unwittingly. Media and entertainment have done their jobs well. There are hiccups in Transformation, however, as well as resistant portions of humanity.

H. EDUCATION IN THE NEW AGE   Last update: 19/dec/00
The New Age is grooming the emerging generation, with or without parental permission. Just how far back it started will shock Americans. What do Alice Bailey, the UN, the Clintons, and Littleton, CO have in common?  A look inside the Trojan Horses of the World Core Curriculum and Outcome Based Education. Even home-schooling is not out of their reach.

I. MISSIONIZING AMONG JEWS   Last update: 15/dec/02
This section is twice as long as any other, which should tell you something already. Why have NA missionaries invested so much in penetrating the Jewish community?  More importantly, how do most of them manage to blindside the anti-missionaries and other Torah guardians?  (Kabbalists could tell you, if they chose to.) Learn about the "networking effect": how it has hurt us and how it can help us. A "short" list of the most successful NA Missions, both in Israel and abroad, in the secular, traditional and orthodox communities. Brace yourself.

J. WHAT TO DO: A JEWISH RESPONSE   Last update: 4/dec/00
Hopeless situation?  For many Jews, yes.  For yours truly, no.  It all depends on where you're expecting help to come from.... and whether you're willing to commit to personal and community "transformation" of another kind. But it will mean hard decisions, and the Hierarchy is counting on you to shrug it off and go back to sleep.


[Check this site once in a while, for new items which will be added.]

The UNique Treatment of Israel.  Israel's troubles at the United Nations go far beyond the many anti-Zionist resolutions.  The Jewish State never even existed on UN maps. Oversight? Or is the UN simply following The Plan for the New Age? (Last Update: 8/00.) [CLICK HERE]

Evolution: The Verdict of Evolutionists.  And you thought the debate was over, didn't you - the "theory of evolution" is backed by tons of scientific evidence. Then why are leading scientists calling for evolutionary theory to be labeled as "philosophy" so that they can get on with real science? And why are the media, the courts and the schools imposing a black-out on this development? (Last Update: 11/00) [CLICK HERE]

The Blue-and-White Scare. Anyone remember the "Red Scare"?  Since even before those days, American Jews have been suspected of dual loyalty, in the CIA and any other agency where sensitive intelligence is handled.  Jonathan Pollard is only the tip of the iceberg, and it's the Jewish heads turned toward Jerusalem that roll first.  But why? (New as of 3/02) [CLICK HERE]

Who's Afraid of Jonathan Pollard?  This one Israeli spy looms larger than life in the Blue-and-White Scare, and it takes a separate article to explore the hows and whys.  Pollard and the Scare are intimately linked, which has implications for Israelis and American Jews alike. (New as of 3/02) [CLICK HERE]

Media Assault on Jewish Traditions.  Circumcision is child abuse, Shechita (Jewish ritual slaughter) is cruelty to animals, Monotheism is intolerance.  If you believe it, you're being had. [COMING SOON...]

 Legal Battle: Are Observant Jews Fit Parents?  The Duhlberg case shook Italy, the Jewish world and leading democracies.  Israel alone remained disturbingly silent. [COMING SOON...]

 Anti-Judaism Can Kill Secular Jews Too.  The most subtle form of antisemitism is getting away with verbal murder, because of a prevailing delusion in the secular Jewish community. [COMING SOON...]

Copywrite Note:  None of the material by Hannah Newman is restricted.
You are permitted to quote, reprint, and distribute it freely -- on two conditions:
-- that you offer it without charge.  That's the only way to handle material which has such drastic implications for an entire people.
-- that you take care to distinguish between what I wrote and any comments you might feel compelled to add.  I have invested hundreds of hours in research, and many more in choosing my words carefully, in order to accurately portray this phenomenon without sensationalism and with a minimum of subjectivity.  Please respect that.

Original background photo: David Rubinger

"Who is this Hannah Newman... and why should we believe her?"

I'm a nobody, actually.  I have no academic degree even remotely related to this field.  No list of published books, teaching stints, or associations with Big Names.  No sponsors, no financial backers, no authority endorsing my efforts.  I have never lectured on this subject, nor do I ever intend to. This research is not connected with my job, and was done completely in my spare time over several years.  Among other things, this means I have no reputation to protect, no superiors to satisfy (except the G-d of Israel, who I acknowledge with no apologies), no agenda for fame or notoriety.  No reason to lie to you.

For you, the faithful skeptic, that's good news. You'll have to judge the material on its own merits. To that end, I've supplied you with plenty of sources and links.  I'm available to answer questions and challenges by e-mail.  And I have confidence that as a thinking human being, you can satisfy yourself as to my reliability.

For any fans who are distressed because they want to recommend my work but don't know how to describe me, I'd be quite happy to be known as "an Israeli housewife who did her homework."

Offered humbly in the Jewish spirit of "world service" - for the sake of Heaven,

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