by Hannah Newman --

"I take personal responsibility for generating evolutionary conspiracies
as a part of my work.  I will select and create conspiratorial mechanisms...
that will create and perform evolutionary breakthrough actions
on behalf of people and planet.  One people, one planet."
(from the Credo of the "First Earth Battalion", a New Age warrior brigade)

"[The New Age initiate] no longer identifies himself with form or even with soul,
but with the will of divinity and the eternal Plan and purpose.
It becomes his plan and purpose. He knows no other."
(Alice Bailey, _Esoteric Astrology_, p.92)

D. The Plan of the New Age

All who subscribe to the New Age must submit to "The Plan" in its entirety or be left out of the "New World Order".  It should be noted that this "Plan" is universally accepted among New Agers as literally having a superhuman origin.  Alice Bailey is not the author, only the transcriber.  Likewise, no leader today at any level takes credit for formulating the Plan.  From the UN on down, every "World Server" has his/her assigned task, but no one has the authority to change or cancel any segment; to do so would be to reject the Hierarchy and jeopardize the coming New Age itself.  [Readers who are tempted to selectively evaluate this section, as horrendous in some parts and not so bad in others, must keep in mind three important results of this belief:
(1) The Plan is a non-negotiable package.
(2) New Agers do not doubt its wisdom.
(3) No one feels personally responsible for the consequences of carrying it out.]

As noted before, the Hierarchy of "Masters" will need to use human agents, and even inhabit human hosts, in order to carry this out. Therefore the Plan calls for patient incremental progress which does not overstep public tolerance: "The occult Hierarchy of the planet functions...[like] any great international, powerful corporation.... They send out scouts and they test reactions to their plans.  Finally, when they are ready, they move forward." (Foster Bailey, "Changing Esoteric Values," a lecture in London, 1954)

The specific stages of the Plan were "transmitted" in detail through Bailey directly from "Djwhal Khul", the Tibetan Master, beginning in the 1930s, but much of it was shared only with inner-circle disciples until 1975, when the NA leaders received instructions to go public.  Most of the agenda can be found in Alice Bailey's _Externalisation of the Hierarchy_.  Key NA disciples have released additional how-to books, such as H.G. Wells' _The Open Conspiracy_ and Barbara Marx Hubbard's _The Manual for Co-Creaters of the Quantum Leap_.

The Plan is the organized program of the spiritual Hierarchy to get a selected portion of mankind to the "next evolutionary level". [Get more background info in the Humanity section.]  Since quality is vital for starting the next "root-race", only selected "starseed" people are designated to make the quantum leap into the next level of human transformation, but even these need careful preparation by more advanced spirits lest they "burn out" in the transition. The Plan is quite lengthy, and proposes many global changes, but here are facets that affect the Jewish people in some way.

1. The Plan for World Religions:
"I [Djwahl Kuhl, not Alice Bailey] have sought - with love and understanding - to point out the faults of the world religions...." Thus begins the outline of the "Masters' Plan" for world religions (_Externalisation_ IV, p.543).  Inexplicably, the only "world religion" whose "faults" are pointed out thereafter is Judaism, with Christianity suffering from corruption by Judaism. Here is the relevant text [emphasis mine]:

1. The reorganisation of world religions - if in any way possible - so that their out-of-date theologies, their narrow-minded emphasis, and their ridiculous belief that they know what is in the mind of God may be offset, in order that the churches may eventually be the recipients of spiritual inspiration.
2. The gradual dissolution - again if in any way possible - of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete teaching, its separative emphasis, its hatred of the Gentiles and its failure to recognize the Christ. [We note elsewhere that a "separative emphasis" such as maintaining a Jewish identity is enough to classify someone as part of the problem.] In saying this, I do not fail to recognize those Jews throughout the world who acknowledge the evils and who are not orthodox in their thinking;  they belong to the aristocracy of spiritual belief to which the Hierarchy itself belongs. [This obvious attempt at flattery sounds hollow when we realize that keeping company with the Hierarchy means accepting their verdict on the racial karmic debt owed by all Jews, orthodox or not.]
3. Preparation for a revelation which will inaugurate the new era and set the note for the new world religion [which will be brought personally by] the appearance of the Hierarchy on earth, bringing the new revelation. (p.544-545)
David Spangler, Buckminster Fuller and Foster Bailey (Alice's husband) confirmed that religious freedom must end in the New Age, to be replaced by a world-state religion.

We are told beforehand by Alice/"DK" (p.543): "It is this revelation which lies behind all the activities which now engross the attention of the Hierarchy."  In other words, the New Age is a religion, from beginning to end.  [And apparently it has identified Judaism as the only religion which can possibly compete with it; hence it must be removed from the field.  This is the time-honored strategy of a monopoly which knows its inferior product can't stand up to comparison with a challenger.  Are the New Age gods so insecure that they can't face a little bit of competition?  Why not let humanity judge for themselves which is the superior religion?]

It is only after this "evil" religion of Judaism is neutralized that the Plan for the Universal "World Religion" can proceed: "This second group [of World Servers] will implement this new [universal] religion. By the time they come into control the old theological activities will have been completely broken; Judaism will be fast disappearing."  [Note that the qualifier "orthodox" is now missing]  Bailey continues with other interesting predictions of the state of world religions at that point: "Buddhism will be spreading and becoming increasing [sic] dogmatic; Christianity will be in a state of chaotic division and upheavals." (_Externalisation_, p.573)  [If the Hierarchy's directive is followed, we can expect Buddhism to eventually break with its current image of gentle tolerance for all faiths, and even express itself more in line with the antisemitic tone of the famous Zen Buddhist Master Haku'un Yasutani, teacher of several American Zen leaders. For background, see "Yasutani Roshi: The Hardest Koan," _Tricycle Magazine_, Fall 1999. See also the involvement of Tibetan Buddhists in Nazi Germany.]

2. The Plan for Reviving the Cosmic Religious War
This aim of the "Masters" to eliminate "the orthodox Jewish faith" is a continuation of an ancient war between the "White Lodge" (the Hierarchy) and the "Black Lodge" (source of Jewish/Christian teaching). Bailey describes it (_Externalisation_ II, p.71-77) as "the great struggle between the Lords of Light and the Lords of Material Form, also called the Dark Forces." [See more on this in the "Gods" section.] In spite of the direct intervention of the "Shamballa energy" itself (or Sanat Kumara himself), the Hierarchy was defeated, bringing about the fall of the Atlantean civilization and immanent global destruction.  Bailey refers to the final end of Atlantis in a catastrophe which obliterated all traces of the far superior civilization: "This historical event has been preserved for us in the universal legend of the great flood", she confesses, referring specifically to Noah's ark. (p.124) [Since Bailey relies on the Jewish Bible for information about that time, surely we may also do so - noting the state of humanity during the period the "Masters" held control of earth. It is also revealing that the rainbow, the symbol which declared an end to that war, has been commandeered by the losers as a symbol of their return to fight again.] But it wasn't that the "Masters" were driven out by their Archenemy; "for the good of humanity, the Hierarchy withdrew into the background, leaving man to find his own way out...." (p.125) [A great example of responsible nurturing, to leave mankind alone with the chaos of a world disaster. But perhaps they had their own wounds to lick.]

But Bailey tells us of an outcome which from a NA viewpoint was an inexplicable mix-up: the "nucleus" rescued from this destruction was not the advanced Atlantean seed, but the inferior seed of the older Jewish race, "salvaged in spite of themselves... by the Great White Lodge", a remnant which today is symbolized by the unworthy Jewish race. (p.125)  [How ingenious to be a symbol of oneself.  This circular identification passes without comment by Bailey or her "Master".  No comment on the "switched babies" either, a bungling of such cosmic proportions that one wonders how the Masters could dare to show up again on this planet....]

She also notes here that the "present world crisis" (as of 1939, the date of writing) has its source in this ancient conflict which never really ended. [Her view of a link between Hitler's war on the Jews and this Cosmic War becomes clearer in other comments by Bailey.]  The White Lodge is headed by the three-fold energy of the "Logos", locked in battle with "two other [energies] also struggling for expression".  The outcome of this spiritual war is so crucial it "will determine the trend of world affairs."  These two Dark Forces are identified as "the forces of materialism", and "the force emanating from that section of humanity which is found in every part of the world and which we call the Jewish people."  [more on this in the "Views on Jews" section].

After the Atlantean destruction, the masters of the White Lodge were forced to withdraw into space and leave earth in control of the Black Lodge.  But they saw to it that White Lodge teachings were preserved in Babylon, [probably entrusted to the one named in the Torah as founder of Babylon, Nimrod, whose name in Hebrew means "we will rebel"] to be passed down to "guardians of the ancient wisdom" in each generation (collectively called "the White Brotherhood") - Egyptians, Aztecs, Incas, Mayans, Hindus, Buddhists, Chinese (Taoism), American Indians, and assorted enlightened ones who were branded as heretics by "restrictive Judaism and Christianity" . Among the last two, certain groups are identified: the Cathars, the Knights Templar (both connected with "Holy Grail" lore), Freemasons (held to have been established by King Solomon in his more "enlightened" years), Gnostics and Kabbalists (Jewish Lurians, and Christian or "Hermetic Qabalists").

While both Black and White Lodges consist of disembodied spirit beings, they each seek partnership with human beings. The Hierarchy who left is now returning (from a spiritual hideout identified in NA as "Shamballa") to reclaim their "inner government" on planet earth, which will finally put the 'Black Lodge' out of business.  In short, they plan to launch (or re-open) a religious war-to-end-all-wars, without which the New World Order cannot be fully established.  That is why the "worn-out Jewish dispensation", which includes a certain strain of Christianity as an offshoot, is to be outlawed and replaced by the "New World Religion". This will be mandatory and will have to be imposed ("in any way possible") for the good of all.

It is this next round that the Hierarchy hopes to restore their earlier position as Guides grounded on earth - a position equivalent to "God" in conventional terminology.  The return is to begin with the "reappearance of the Christ" first as a "higher consciousness" in the hearts of men, and then as "overshadowing" in which they hear his voice; in this way, says Bailey, "he will duplicate himself repeatedly", increasing his effectiveness accordingly.  Finally, he will be able to "move among men in a public manner."  The use of the "Great Invocation" is meant to further this event; in fact, "he cannot proceed with his assigned mission" unless humanity cooperates by using that NA prayer. (_Discipleship_ II, p.171-173)

3. The Plan to Solve the "Four World Problems"
"The major quarrel" between these two cosmic forces, according to Bailey, revolves around "the freedom of the average citizen to think for himself," and the weapons of choice are "material domination" by the Black Lodge as opposed to "spiritual control" by enlightened individuals exercised under the guidance of the Hierarchy.  The battle lines where these two forces openly clash have produced "four problems" that must be solved (_The Destiny of Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today_, p.34-35) as the New Age dawns [note their close correlation with current political and social changes]:

"1. The problem of territorial possessions, which is the group correspondence within the family of nations to the materiality [sic - to be distinguished from materialism] of the individual." [Note the echoes heard in the "State of the World Forum".]  In cases like the US and Israel, where territorial nationalism is upheld in a democracy and cannot be dismantled (as was the Soviet Union) by command from the top, NA spokesman Benjamin Creme and others promise the end of democracy, if possible with democratic states themselves voting it out of existence. [The NA group "New Acropolis" is actively working to that end in Europe and South America.  And given the scope of the FEMA laws already enacted in the US, the end of American democracy is one Presidential phone call away.  Anyone not familiar with these unpublicized laws or how they are to be activated can find out plenty with a simple web search.]  There is to be a single government, tax system, currency, identity register, language and religion (latest NA projection for its inauguration is the year 2000). [Many web sites are debating this issue, while the UN proceeds with its "Global Governance" program.]

"2. The problem of sex which will involve a truer understanding of the law of attraction." Was Bailey advocating a return to Victorian values, or perhaps its opposite, a form of hedonism?  Actually, she condemned neither.  The "problem" to be corrected here is the motivation for engaging in sex.  The exclusive life-long commitment expressed in physical/spiritual union - firmly established in the Jewish Bible, Genesis 2:24 - are not for the New Age, and neither are the family relationships which spring from that commitment and its sexual expression.  [The effectiveness of destroying this motivation through popular music, literature, TV and cinema needs no comment.  The steady erosion of the nuclear family as a natural result of sex, achieved through social and legal pressures, is also self-evident.]  What Bailey advocates to take the place of "old age" motivations has nothing to do with commitment, or even with physical pleasure, but exclusively with the fulfillment of a psychic obligation: "The sex relation has therefore only one major objective, which is to provide physical bodies for incarnating souls." (_Education in the New Age_ IV, p.137)  Eventually, the "uncontrolled response to the sex urge and desire" will be considered unenlightened. (p.138)  So how then are we to understand Bailey's reference to a "law" of "attraction"?  The "attraction" here is the craving of disembodied spirits for a human host; the "law" is that hosts must be provided one way or another.  Ideally, NA parents are to be educated to offer their children as hosts even before birth.

"3. The problem of death, which is in reality the problem of the relation between... life and form.  This problem will be solved in the realm of psychology, by scientific recognition of the true nature of the individual or soul and of the persona." [In NA terminology, "form" means "physicality" or "materiality", the term we encountered in Problem 1; in other words, we attach too much value to physical life.  But that too is being duly remedied.  The "sanctity of human life", another concept rooted in Jewish tradition which places saving lives as a top priority, is merely evidence in NA eyes of the evil "force of material domination" working through the Jews.]  Bailey herself so completely accepted the idea that death was beneficial that she saw the carnage of World War II as merely "surgery" to remove a "virus", and the Holocaust as a lesson in right human relations.  But the necessity of fostering a casual attitude toward death is clear on two accounts: the coming global purge, and the elimination of any NA rejectionists.

"4. The problem of the Jews which is symbolically the problem of humanity as a whole."  [This can be interpreted in several ways: everything that is wrong with humanity is personified in the Jews as a group, and/or the Jews are the physical manifestation of what humanity is doing wrong. As we will see, either way the Jews must fix the problem, not humanity.]  Significantly, Bailey emphasizes that the Jewish problem "is essentially a religious problem".  [Emphasis mine.  For the rest of this quote and her solution, see Views on Jews.]

4. Options in the Plan: Initiation or Death / Initiation and Death
All who wish to enter the New Age must undergo an "energy activation" or "rebirth", usually marked by a subjective trance-induced "light experience" where one meets either a "spirit guide" or one's "higher self" (no difference since all is one). The resulting "altered state of consciousness" will eventually lead to a "Luciferic initiation" into the "new humanity", or a submission to Lucifer as the leading divinity representing the Logos.  This event is anticipated and discussed by many NA leaders; following are examples.

NA celebrity Barbara Marx Hubbard, one-time member of the Presidential Committee of National Curriculum and Democratic nominee for Vice President (1984) writes that the chosen elite (that is, the 10-20% of earth's population who are judged fit to remain) will know they have received Initiation when they "instantly feel a subtle change of electricity in their bodies," and when "I [an unidentified entity, presumably the Initiator, Lucifer] will be enabled to contact all of you at once." (_The Revelation_, p.235-6)  This new mankind, by then directly linked with the being who David Spangler calls "the angel of man's evolution" (_Reflections on the Christ_, p.37), will continue on their journey to "godhood" at the new level, which includes a personal experience of the "knowledge of good and evil". [Sounds like Genesis 3:5, and it's meant to.]  NAers confirm that this knowledge is what Lucifer offered to Eve in the Garden, and it's being offered again today.  Only it's been misunderstood, due to fear inherited from the superstitious Jews.  Since God has both a good and an evil side, and one cannot attain complete godhood with only one side. "Lucifer comes to give us the final gift of wholeness.  If we accept it, then he is free and we are free.  That is the Luciferic initiation.  It is one that many people now, and in the days ahead, will be facing, for it is an initiation into the New Age." (Spangler, _Reflections_, p.45)

As NA leader Dr. Jose Arguelles puts it, this initiation is a passive "surrender to the higher galactic intelligence", involving "receptivity" and something he calls "a galactic imprinting" [not specified if this is spiritual or physical].  This imprinting will be done in groups and will trigger "an actual evolutionary shift of major proportions... homo sapiens on the evolutionary scale will be ended." (_Meditation Magazine_, published by the Intergroup for Planetary Oneness, Summer 1987) Arguelles indicates that individuals must make the choice.  But the channeler for the spirit guide "Alder" says that the "world Initiation... is being brought to birth by a universal access [sic, application?] of Pain and of Pressure", which she/he says is "leading naturally" to the right choice. (Vera Alder, _The Initiation of the World_, p.109) [So much for voluntary cooperation... but this fits in with what we are told about the tactics of spirits hoping to become "walk-ins".]

Foster Bailey made it clear that the NA initiation would not only be mandatory but would create a caste system: "[Young and old alike] will have to live with the New Age standards. Those who do not will end up as irreconcilable outcasts." (_Things to Come_, p.39)  Those who cannot surrender (having no souls), or who will not (not sufficiently developed in their spiritual journey), will simply be "sent on to their next life" in a global "cleansing action" (Alice Bailey, _The Rays and the Initiations_ p.754-755).  Barbara Marx Hubbard puts it even more bluntly: "People will either change or die. That is the choice." (_Happy Birth Day Planet Earth!_ p.32)  Hubbard makes it clear, however, that the human agents of the Plan of Love and Light will never be guilty of murder, or even of mercy-killing: "New Choices enter history.  Death by choice.  Life by choice.... The dignity of humans requires death and life, by choice not coercion",  giving rise to a "new science [called] thanatology, the art of dying with grace." ("The Future - Previews of Coming Attractions" _First Foundation News_ Aug.1995, p.4)

"Death by choice" hints at the fact that the "misfits" who reject NA will not be the only ones required to face death.  "Dying with grace" is the message of the "death education" curriculum taught as part of New Age Education; the underlying concept being "the beneficient nature of death" to remove that which has outlived its time. (_Externalisation_ II, p.75) [For more on this, see the "Humanity" section and also below.] This being taught to NA disciples as preparation for the predicted "cleansing cycle of Nature", which will remove the majority of humanity which suffers from "lower vibratory rates", as told to John Randolph Price by his spirit guide "Asher".  When Price, founder of "World Healing Day", balked a bit at the mass involuntary death of billions of people, his guide replied, "Who are we to say that these people did not volunteer to be a part of the destruction and regeneration." (see _Practical Spirituality_ by Price)  [Part of the social transformation process concentrates on educating humanity that the "global purge" is necessary and beneficial; any opposition to the idea will be silenced in the clean-up operation itself, and then presented as people who subconsciously wanted to be purged.]

Hubbard's spirit guides gave her a similar picture of things to come:  "Out of the full spectrum of human personality, one fourth is electing to transcend... one fourth is destructive [and] they are defective seeds.  In the past they were permitted to die a 'natural death'.... Now as we approach the quantum shift from the creature-human to the co-creative human - the human who is the inheritor of god-like power - the destructive one fourth must be eliminated from the social body.... Fortunately, you are not responsible for this act. We are. We are in charge of God's selection process [note the recycled Nazi term] for planet Earth.  He selects, we destroy. We are the riders of the pale horse, Death." (_The Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth_, p.235)  The "selection process" is necessary, we are told, because of the danger that the "defective seeds" might "reproduce their defective disconnection [and] destroy forever the opportunity of Homo sapiens to become Homo universialis." From the clear delineation here, only 25% of humanity qualifies to "transcend", and at least 25% of humanity is too dangerous to leave alive - particularly those afflicted with genetic "disconnection" like the "wandering Jew".  [Hubbard, who informs interviewers at every opportunity that she was born to a Jewish family, apparently thinks her own racial karma will be overlooked by the Hierarchy because of her devotion, or else she is resigned to leaving with the "defective seeds".]  But what of the remaining 50% passed over in this "selection process"?  Their destiny is "death by choice."  Neither destructive nor transcendent, they will accept the initiation and then be expected to vacate the planet for the good of humanity. [Not that the 25% chosen to remain will be so lucky either; at initiation they will be expected to surrender their bodies and minds in psychic union with an "ascended" master.  As powerful as they are, these spirits will have to work through the relatively weak and primitive physical plane; hence the need for initiating humans for the purpose of inhabiting their bodies. See the description of "walk-ins", in the "gods" section.]

5. Who Will Direct World Affairs Under the Plan?
5a. Naturally, it is the "Hierarchy" who will ultimately control world affairs when the "Christ reappears" physically, "leading to the definite restoration of the Mysteries." (Alice Bailey, _Externalisation_, p.570.)  Their closest assistants on the human plane, according to Foster Bailey, Alice's husband, are the higher-level initiates in the Masons: "When the Mysteries are restored, and Masonry resumes its true function, the G.M. [Grand Master] will also resume his ancient prerogatives, for he will be chosen for his initiate rank, and that involves initiate knowledge. He will be restored to his ancient status, and his right to authority will be recognized." (_The Spirit of Masonry_, p.79)  NA philosopher and Masonic leader Manly P. Hall concurs that the Masonic Grand Master is at the final level of human contact with the "spiritual consciousness" that originates in the "spiritual hierarchy". (_The Lost Keys of Freemasonry_, p.35-36) Alice also looked forward to a future Masonic Movement which, "when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralysing condition of inertia, will meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power. (_Externalisation_, p.511) [Note Hitler's partiality to certain of the "old" Masonic lodges, in the Nazism section. Also, for a wealth of direct quotes confirming the Luciferian orientation of the top Masonic leadership, see Gary Kah, _En Route to Global Occupation_)

5b. Mouthpiece of the Hierarchy: a "New" United Nations.  This world body as it functions today is only a shadow of what NA leaders envision for it.  Robert Muller, who invested at least 30 years of his life there, loses no opportunity to sing its praises, calling the UN "the meta-organism of human and planetary evolution." ("A Letter to All Educators in the World")  He dedicated his landmark book, _New Genesis: Shaping a Global Spirituality_, to "the United Nations, the first universal organization of this planet."  Muller expects the UN to bring nothing less than "a moral and spiritual Renaissance." (_The Temple of Understanding Newsletter_, Spring 1995)  Both he and the Hindu mystical teacher-in-residence at the UN, Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, go so far as to speak of the UN as a spiritual entity, or perhaps the collective channel for the Spiritual Entity expected to arrive: "No human force will ever be able to destroy the United Nations, for the UN is not a mere building or a mere idea; it is not a manmade creation.  The UN is the vision-light of the Absolute Supreme.... The divine success and supreme progress of the United Nations is bound to become a reality.  At his choice hour, the Absolute Supreme will ring his own victory-bell here on Earth through the loving and serving heart of the United Nations." (Muller quoting Chinmoy, "My Testament to the UN")  But Muller is aware that the present UN does not have the power needed to fulfil its mission: "The world's survival requires an enormously strengthened second generation United Nations." ("Fifty Years Later: A Testimony", 1995)

At some point, Robert Muller himself may be tapped to head this New UN, an event which seemed close to happening in 1995. [His decision at that time to withdraw I suspect was a matter of timing; he is slated to head the "second generation", which was not fully ready in 1995.] But even if Muller never officially leads the UN, his leadership in it is assured.  As his NA colleague Barbara Marx Hubbard writes, Muller "has a full scale plan of action to carry us into the 21st century.  He 'wins' in influence, no matter whether or not he is elected [to the post of UN Secretary General].  He activates the support of the critical mass... to support the advanced United Nations that he advocates." (_The Social Potential Movement_, p.18) [For a taste of what Muller has already activated, see his role in New Age education.]

One key group, the "UN Commission on Global Governance", called a World Conference in 1998 "for the purpose of submitting to the world the necessary treaties and agreements for ratification and implementation by the year 2000." [The attempt to obtain ratification in 2000 failed, but the patient NA Planners have merely scaled down their incremental progress accordingly.]  In their 1995 report to the UN, "Our Global Neighborhood" (available on line), this distinguished panel outlines the results of over 7 years of careful work.  In the Foreword, the Co-Chairmen go to great pains to reassure the reader that global "governance" is "not global government", lest we think a worldwide police-state is in the making.  And yet, they admit that governance cannot function without "systems and rules", and must in fact enforce them: "The very essence of global governance is the capacity of the international community to ensure compliance with the rules of society." (Chap. 6, "Enforcing International Law")  We are also promised that national sovereignty will be respected; however, a nation's sovereignty is "limited by the fundamental interests of humanity, which in certain severe circumstances must prevail over the ordinary rights of particular states." (Chp. 2, "Adopting Old Norms") [The circumstances which override national self-determination are not specified, but according to UN-supported philosopher Alice Bailey, it is in the "fundamental interests of humanity" to eliminate both territorial nationalism and the "Jewish problem" which gave rise to the sovereign Zionist state.]

To "ensure compliance" there is a "UN World Constitution" which includes an agreement by "the governments of the nations... to order their separate sovereignties into one government, to which they surrender their arms." Other arrangements include: A UN Trusteeship Council which will take control of the "global commons", or all international waters and air space; a UN Economic Security Council to set up a global funding and barter system, with the power to withhold funding from uncooperative nations; a single monetary and taxation system that will require all commerce to be conducted via a universally registered credit number for each earth citizen; and a standing UN army to assume peacekeeping responsibilities in areas of conflict (pinpointed by Dr. Henry Lamb, Executive VP of the Environmental Conservation Organization and Chairman of Sovereignty International). [See also the research of government insider Gary Kah, _En Route to Global Occupation_, which documents the early covert activities of the "World Constitution and Parliament Association" during the early to mid 1980s.]

UN Global Management is shared by the Five Regional Groups. These five Regions, created over 50 years ago, are the member-pool for all voting members of all the UN commissions, councils, committees, working groups and other decision-making forums.  The UN Charter states: "Regional groups are for the UN increasingly important potential partners whose cooperation could be engaged... to delegate responsibility." (Chap. VIII)  The UN report, "Renewing the United Nations: a Programme for Reform", submitted in July 1997 by the Executive Coordinator for Reform, Mr. Maurice Strong [himself a dedicated NA disciple], specifies that the Regional Groups "will be intensified and they will increasingly become partners of the UN." (Point No. 116)  The major structural changes proposed for the new UN "can be done only with the approval" of these five Groups. (UN report, "UN Reform: the First Six Weeks", Feb. 1997)  For over 50 years, all member-states of the UN (now numbering 188) have been assigned a place among these Regional Groups - except one.  Israel has been denied membership in any Regional Group, making the Jewish State the only nation unable to make a meaningful contribution to this global body since her admission 51 years ago. [This is a long and interesting story - see my report entitled, "A Nation That Dwells Alone".  Pay particular attention to the final update, which exposes the mockery of Israel's more recent "admission to membership" in a Regional Group.]  The 1998 report of the UN Environmental Program (UNEP) omits any mention of Israel in its 264 pages, in spite of this country's notable contributions to the environment.  Where mention of that country is unavoidable in the Western Asia section, it is labeled "Palestine". (_B'nai Brith News_, March 9, 1998)  Even the "Committee on Mid East Questions", a branch of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (136 democracies) has no Israeli presence, in spite of 3 vacant seats (as of Sept. 1998) and the fact that 25% of all UN resolutions have related to Israel.  But all of this is to be expected, given the close affinity between UN policy and Alice Bailey's teachings. [See her comments on Zionism for context.]

In 1976, right after the Plan went public, the "ascended Masters" gave orders to establish five world centers in anticipation of the New World Order, according to Benjamin Creme.  They are located in New York, London, Geneva, Darjeeling and Tokyo.  [Their locations, however, do not appear to coincide with the UN's Five Regional Groups.]  A nucleus of "world servers" has also been trained to run these centers.  International committees have been quietly working on multi-stage programs for implementing the New Order from these centers; many of them have already recruited resources and personnel and need only the signal to become operational.

6. Global Groups Destined to Think for Humanity
A group of human deputies has already taken up the mantle of world management in the name of the the UN and the Hierarchy.
6a. A milestone conference was held in 1995, dubbed "The State of the World Forum", and sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation.  In attendance were more than 400 of the power elite from 50 countries, under the guidance of Mikhail Gorbachev, James Baker and George Shultz (one former Communist dictator and two former US Secretaries of State).  The strong power base of the conference was further underlined by the presence of personages like billionaire "eco-warrior" Maurice Strong, former UN mogul Robert Muller, former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, former US President George Bush, former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, network media-maker Ted Turner, print media giant Rupert Murdoch and computer media prince Bill Gates. [African National Congress leader Thabo Mbeki was almost comical when he expressed pleasure at representing the poor and suffering African peoples in this forum, which is so unlike other global circles where "the world's agenda is addressed only by the powerful."] The strong New Age orientation was evident from other participants: Barbara Marx Hubbard, John Denver, Shirley MacLaine, Matthew Fox, Carl Sagan, Jeremy Rifkin, Willis Harman and Deepak Chopra.

Ted Turner gave an Executive Summary of the Forum's task: "To help chart the way for humanity."  Gorbachev elaborated: "To launch a multi-year process, culminating in the year 2000, to articulate the fundamental priorities, values and actions necessary to constructively shape our common future.... We are in dire need of redefining the parameters of our society's economic, social, political and spiritual development." [This kind of priority would confirm the claim by Benjamin Creme in a 1998 radio interview with Art Bell, that Mikhail Gorbachev is a Maitreya disciple.]  The steering committee which will "reinvent the paradigm of our existence" is to be called the "Brain Trust", described as "a kind of United Nations Council of Elders."  They are not identified further except as (in the words of John Naisbitt) "leaders who will lead by 'moral authority'.... The point is not what [such a leader] is going to do; the point is who he is going to be." [Track record of performance is thus replaced by spiritual destiny.  Or perhaps this refers to who his body is hosting.]

The areas in most "dire need" were discussed, leading gradually to the bottom lines found at every NA forum.  (1) From Gorbachev: "To change the nature of consumption." [Oddly, none of Gorbachev's well-heeled listeners, much less Gorby himself, "redefined" any "parameters" by refusing to pay $5,000 a head to stay at the luxurious Fairmont Hotel and enjoy the fabulous dinners created by a flock of famous chefs recruited for the Forum....] (2) To "address the problem of controlling the world's population." [See the recommendation of Dr. Keen, another Forum participant.] (3) From Brzezinski: To move toward "eventual globalization [by] progressive regionalization," since "national sovereignty is no longer a viable concept." [Precisely the UN's multi-stage goal of Global Governance, already in progress.] (4) From Kassa Kebede, former UN ambassador: To transfer armaments (especially those of the US) to "international control" and form a standing army under UN command. [More goals of the UN - see "Our Global Neighborhood: The Report of the Commission on Global Governance" mentioned above.]  (5) From Willis Harman, President of Noetic Sciences: To usher in "a new social order" which acknowledges "the connectedness of everything, an emphasis on intuition and the assumption of inner divinity." (6) From Rupert Sheldrake, Theosophist: To tap into the "morphogenic field" which connects all life and thought and provides access to "the Ageless Wisdom".

Last, but in NA priorities definitely not least: Fritjof Capra, author of an essay distributed free to all participants ("The Turning of the Tide", printed in _ReVision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation_, Fall 1993) condemns "the Judaeo-Christian tradition" for supporting male domination and the superiority of rational thinking, for "anti-ecological" attitudes, and for hindering the proper understanding of nature.  Its "image of a male god [sic], personification of supreme reason and source of ultimate power, who rules the world from above by imposing his divine law on it", and the view that natural laws are "reflections of this divine law, originating in the mind of God", must inevitably make way for the new spiritual path of the future.

6b. Special military branches are being prepared to help maintain order on behalf of the Hierarchy, using not only conventional force but also psychic powers acquired by initiation. Among these are the "First Earth Battalion" of "guerilla gurus" founded by Barbara Marx Hubbard; and the "Task Force Delta", a strategy-planning division of the US Army utilizing psychologists and parapsychologists (where Hubbard is also a member). Colonel John B. Alexander, co-author of _The Warrior's Edge_, advocates psychic weapons for mind manipulation of the "enemy" and discusses the use of "remote viewing" (clairvoyance and mind-reading) with the casual attitude of someone long past the introductory stage of initiation: "[The] ethical difficulties [of remote viewing] are not unlike those involved with the introduction of any other new, invasive technology [sic]." (p.154)  The Colonel's concern for ethical standards is heartening - until we read how he "resolves" the difficulties: "All intelligence techniques require ruthlessness, duplicity, and absolute integrity.  No, these are not contradictions in terms.  If you are using influence technologies correctly, you can and will achieve your objective by the manipulation of others.  Recognize what you are doing; we do.  If this manipulation is for the eventual benefit of these others as well as yourself, then you are adhering to the warrior ethic." (p.216)

6c. The working class of the new humanity is organized as "The New Group of World Servers", often shortened to NGWS. [Please acquaint yourself with the NA notion of "service", which is not what most people associate with the word.]  Not all World Servers are consciously serving the Plan, however - this group is multilevel, ranging from full initiates "who are consciously part of the Great White Lodge" to ordinary folks who "respond to the idealism" and know nothing of the Hierarchy. (_Discipleship in the New Age_ II, p.204)  All individuals who are considered fit for the New Age will be required to "serve" as an expression of their "love".  Those who are not considered eligible include "those people who, clinging to reactionary methods of finding and expressing truth, prefer obedience to authority to clear thinking and self-imposed guidance of their own soul." (_The New Group of World Servers_, Lucis Trust, p.3) [Read that one again, friends: Those who refuse to totally surrender to the Masters' absolutist authority are accused of clinging to an outmoded "obedience to authority", and people who insist on the freedom to form and follow their own individual convictions rather than unquestioning NA group-think are guilty of rejecting "clear thinking" and the "guidance of their own soul". George Orwell's 1984 "Double-Speak" has arrived.]

World Servers, in direct contrast, are those who affirm "the fundamental truths by which humanity has evolved", truths which will eventually "lead humanity into a new age of peace and plenty."  One way to bring about this "peace" is to "repudiate violently the unproven". [Apart from this interesting new strategy for making "peace", we see here that even though NAers view their version of human evolution as "proven", it is preferable to convince the skeptics through "violent repudiation" than simply presenting the vast evidence in its favor.] The World Servers placed in leadership will "recognise no authority save that of their own souls." (_The NGWS_, p.7) ["Their own souls" by that point will no longer be their own, of course, in the accepted sense of autonomy and ownership, but NA redefinition of these concepts has neatly solved that dilemma.]  The primary function of these World Server leaders is to "utilize all the known methods to reach the general public. They stir the middle class to activity and, through them, arouse the masses." (p.6) [Leaving the rank-and-file servers among "the masses" to the "guidance of their own soul" is apparently not as trustworthy as it was only 3 pages earlier....]  The very first task of the NGWS in rebuilding on the ruins of World War II was to be "the development of right human relations, through the education of the masses." (_The Rays and the Initiations_, p.88) [Learn what the term "right human relations" means for the Jews, in the "Views on Jews" section.]  Their second task will be to install the new world religion, the only one allowed in the New Age.

7. The Plan for Selective Disarmament
The concept of a "New World Order" was coined by Bailey's Hierarchy decades before US President George Bush made it a familiar political phrase.  From the beginning, forced "disarmament" was seen to immediately precede the NWO:  "In the preparatory period for the New World Order there will be a steady and regulated disarmament. It will not be optional. No nation will be permitted to produce and organise any equipment for destructive purposes." (_Externalisation_, p.191)  Disarmament, in the context of a global anti-war movement, was the first order issued to "change agents" from NA leader H.G. Wells, in his strategic book, _The Open Conspiracy_.

This mandatory disarmament applies especially to nuclear weapons - but not for the reason that many activists think. "The atomic bomb [was] used only twice destructively... its [constructive] uses are twofold at this time: (a) as a forerunner of that release of energy which will change the mode of human living and inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not have civilisations and their cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilisation... (b) as a means in the hands of the United Nations to enforce the outer forms of peace, and thus give time for the teaching... to take effect.  The atomic bomb does not belong to [at that time, 1957] the three nations who... own the secrets at present.  It belongs to the United Nations for use - or let us rather hope, simply for threatened use - when aggressive action on the part of any nation rears its ugly head... [or for use on] political groups of any powerful religious organisation, who are as yet unable to leave politics alone." (_Externalisation_, p.548)  Clearly, disarmament is to be "regulated" and "steady" but not universal.  Its purpose is to put nuclear weapons exclusively in the hands of the UN, for the purpose of pressuring any national, political or religious entity which tries to oppose the new worldwide political/religious blend by following their own blend.  The only nations which combine religion and politics are the Vatican city-state, the radical Moslem countries, and of course the Jewish State. [Of these, the only nation possessing nuclear weapons is Israel. This puts into perspective the ever-increasing pressure from the UN on Israel to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Pacts and open her nuclear facilities to UN supervision. The next step will be disarmament, then use "as a means to enforce the outer forms" of a UN-sponsored, NA religious agenda on Israel.]

The multitudes of peace activists recruited into the various disarmament movements would be shocked to learn that human evolution actually requires mass destruction now and then.  The benefits of world war, Bailey says, have never been appreciated by the unenlightened. After confessing that a direct blast of "the Shamballa energy" (the energy which triggers destruction) was responsible for World War II (and specifically for Hitler's success), she defends this deliberate "widespread stimulation" by claiming that "the so-called 'evil results' of the Shamballa force" have brought spiritual growth.  To those disciples distressed about the "ghastly world war at this time", she breezily explains that in the view of the Hierarchy, "The fate of the form life [physical life] and of outer organizations is deemed of small importance"; in fact "destruction of the outer form" must take place to allow "the building of the new and more adequate outer expression. This accounts for the world crisis at this time." (_Externalisation_ II, p.108)  Earlier, she firmly states that the "Shamballa force" is dedicated to "the destruction of that which is undesirable and hindering in the present world forms (in government, religion and society)." (p.72) In effect, Bailey here validates Hitler's obsession with destruction. Not only that, but she claims that his inspiration came directly from the Hierarchy. [For more of Bailey's comments on Hitler's activity, see the Nazism section.]

But meanwhile, the general revulsion toward destruction and death expressed by the uninitiated masses is useful; it can be harnessed to further the NA Plan for disarmament.

It is noteworthy that in the same breath with disarmament, Wells also targeted communism for elimination, a prospect that seemed impossible right up until the day it suddenly happened. [I personally do not mourn the demise of Soviet communism, with its dehumanizing oppression.  But as we have seen, the Plan of the enlightened leaders and their spirit guides does not take into account physical misery, so it would be a basic mistake to presume humanitarian motives for Wells' directive.  Based on the self-proclaimed extent of the "Benevolent Conspiracy", and based on the prominent position Mikhail Gorbachev holds in a major NA power forum, the "surprise" collapse of the Soviet Union during his tenure was due to more than internal problems, likely triggered on command from "Above".]  It should not be forgotten that the massive nuclear arsenal of the USSR was only partly dismantled at the time of its collapse, and unknown numbers of nuclear weapons are reported "missing". [Perhaps quietly passed into UN hands for the Plan's future "peacekeeping" effort outlined above by Bailey?]  The next target is clear, given the strong American antagonism expressed recently (and much too belatedly to be sincere) toward communist China, complete with rhetoric reminiscent of the old "Cold War". [Why is there no corresponding sabre-rattling at communist Vietnam, Korea, or Cuba?  The answer may lie in the fact that only China has nuclear capability - and China's nuclear arsenal is destined for the UN cache as soon as the regime collapses.]

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