by Hannah Newman --

"One key question always seemed unanswerable:
'If I don't like the world government, or it doesn't like me, where do I go then?'"
(Harlan Cleveland, _The Birth of a New World_, 1993, p.62)

"You will hide [those who trust in You] in the secret place of Your Presence...."
(David, King of Israel, _Psalms_ 31:20)

J. What to Do: A Jewish Response

To date I have not seen a single Jewish response to the threat which the New Age Plan poses to our people, not to mention the rest of mankind.  I have no idea why.

Truth be told, I feel like David might have felt watching Goliath taunt "the armies of the living G-d" with no one to answer the challenge.  More accurately, I'm blown away with the realization that hardly anyone has even noticed that there's a Goliath standing there.

I realize that some Jews are going to squirm uneasily at my personal response.  Some will accuse me of "preaching", as though prophetic-style warnings and urgings were the sole domain of evangelical Christians. Whose prophets are they, anyway?  Some will say it is not a "Jewish" response because it is too "spiritual". To these, I can only suggest that we listen carefully to the New Agers, who may see our weaknesses better than we do: Alice Bailey always said that the Jews tend to deal with a spiritual problem on a rationalistic, material level.  And we do.  Throw money at it, convene a conference, set up committees, file the reports.  Maybe even launch an educational program.  But meanwhile the real battlefield, which begins and ends in the individual spirit, remains abandoned to our sworn cosmic enemies... to their smug delight.

It wasn't always that way with the Jewish people.  Our own Book is filled with stories of battles waged by Jews who knew how to fight on the ground and in the spirit as well. Our most celebrated king, David son of Jesse, did not hesitate to combine the two strategies, a discipline which he learned long before his ascension to the throne.  To his dying day, he attributed his success to a relationship with that same Entity who is so hated by our New Age adversaries.  There were prophets too, whose bold words and acts of faith we all look upon as some kind of inheritance, whether we believe them or not.  But today's Jews who take those Bible stories as historical fact, who relate to its advice and promises like money in the bank, are considered a bit out of touch by their more "rational" brethren.

Well, as humbling as it may be, a realistic grasp on life - particularly Jewish or Israeli life - requires acknowledging that some of what we Jews experience supersedes rational comprehension.  The presence of an identifiable Jewish people, through 4000 years and repeated attempts at annihilation, is itself a historical fact that defies rational explanation.  It has no historical parallel.  Let's consider for a moment all you skeptical, secular readers out there who still cling to the label "Jew" in the year 2000: just explaining you requires more than a rational answer.

So here I offer my response, after coming to terms personally with all that awaits the Jewish people in the Age of Aquarius.  In a word, the only antidote for New Age "transformation" is a very Old Age concept: Restoration. Let's get back to the place we belong spiritually.

The process of Restoration begins within and moves progressively outward, as follows:

1. Restoring Your Own Jewish Spirituality
- for Secular Jews

1a. "Where did we go wrong?"
Many concerned Jews have been asking themselves this question while watching this generation stampede into Eastern religious cults, into intermarriage, into anything that comes along, leaving their people far behind without a thought.  Some of you may have asked it while reading this series, coming to the realization that we have been heavily sabotaged from within the community as well as outside... and we never even noticed.  You deserve an answer.  An answer that goes beyond the material "solutions" we are so fond of implementing and get such meager results from.

The New Agers are right about one thing: the answer will come from within. Not in the sense they mean: we don't have "all the answers" within us. But we do have the one answer which will trigger our deliverance.  It is actually the answer to two questions: "Where did we go wrong?" -- and the one G-d always asks when His people go wrong: "Where are you?"

We went wandering off, and now we're lost.... (If we weren't lost, Hannah's series would be unnecessary....)

Okay, okay - I'm lost. I see this tidal wave coming our way, and I have no idea which way to run.

This is the only answer we can offer with any authority.  But it's the only answer which our G-d needs from us in order to step into the picture.  Either that's our answer, or we can continue to nurse our pride, tell ourselves that everything is okay, that we're not lost.  The Jewish population worldwide is growing, antisemitism is dying out, and we are in no danger at all from these New Age "fringe lunatics" in the UN, the educational system, the media and the synagogues....  Who are we kidding?

Restoring the Jewish community starts with yourself.  It's "I" plus "you" that makes "we".  If "we" are ever going to regain the ground lost to NA in our community, we're going to have to dig down to the very bedrock - whatever it was that kept the Jewish people alive for all this time - and reclaim what we lost.  Personally.

And if you're wondering how to find your way back to that bedrock, the NAers have betrayed their knowledge of what and where it is.  It's the only thing they truly fear.  They are frantically trying to demolish it, before we wake up and catch on.  It's Jewish faith in the one and only G-d.  Not a life dedicated to understanding the Mishneh and Gemara - that doesn't threaten The Plan in the least. What scares them is the in-their-face kind of faith you read about in the Torah and Prophets, the kind of faith that carries no fear or doubt because it can see Who is on top.  Tidal wave or not.

It is my conviction that G-d knew long ago what we would face in every generation, including this ultimate challenge to our spiritual and physical survival.  That being so, He embedded advice for us in the words of His prophets.  As you will see, the few examples I include below are amazingly relevant in their choice of words.  Coincidence?  How could our prophets of millennia past have known the very terminology the Hierarchy would use today in their bid to re-open their ancient war?  The writers of the Bible couldn't have known, but the Opponent of the Hierarchy certainly would have - He "sat [as King] for the Flood" (_Psalms_ 29:10, literal translation), the last encounter where the Hierarchy admits being defeated by the Force behind the Jews.

Strengthen your personal faith in your G-d.
Regardless of your attitude toward Jewish religious tradition, take time to study the many historical accounts of attempts to annihilate the Jews and their G-d (for these two are linked by our enemies without exception), and what caused these attempts to fail.

Whether you choose Biblical incidents or those from history (from the Maccabees to modern Israel), you will notice a pattern.  It consists of a few courageous people fighting against impossible odds, plus some mysterious turn of events which evened the odds for them. The people involved were not often impressive physically or mentally, but they distinguished themselves in their willingness to sacrifice their lives, if necessary, to cling to the G-d of Israel, to the same old patch of ground in the Middle East, or to their Jewishness (which in the end all amounts to the same thing, considering how the Jews came to be in the first place).  While many did indeed give up their lives, many more survived to relate unusual circumstances of deliverance and even outright supernatural intervention. This is documented in every war the modern State of Israel has fought, including the 1991 Gulf War.

Consider the alternatives for the future.
In the interests of realism, let us acknowledge that, based on the evidence, there is no chance of surviving this New World Order on our own strength.  Either the New Age Plan will succeed in making the world "judenrein", or our G-d will even the odds once again.

If we don't believe that Israel has a G-d, we might as well dismantle the State of Israel, delete Passover from our calendars, apologize to Hitler, take our "karma medicine" and leave the world without a fuss.  Even if we should believe that G-d is not real, the New Age very definitely believes it.  They also know about our being chosen by G-d as His instruments in the world, and they will not rest until they "seal the door" to that hated Force - down to the last Jew.

In the event that you do not believe in G-d, yet you do believe that the Jewish people is a historically valid entity, and that we have every right to perpetuate our identity, then you are left with explaining why.  What history or origins will you base your conviction on?  To what can you attribute the crazy staying power of a people who hold the record as the all-time favorite target for annihilation - including several efforts at self-erasure?  If you don't fall back on some kind of Higher Power as an explanation, your rational processes will begin to suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Of course you can always accept the humbling but satisfying answer that the G-d of Israel lives.  Not that we understand everything He has done with our people, but He is apparently there - and involved.  He's been keeping some very unlikely promises, in the face of some very impressive opposition.  He is not daunted by His own people's skeptism, or their outright denial of His existence.  His promises include dealing a final blow to "the wise men of Babylon" who "rule the whole earth" [never achieved until this day of global culture] and "the daughter of the Kasdim" with her "sorceries" (Jer. 50 and 51, Isa. 14 and 47).  It is noteworthy that "Helel ben Shahar", the New Agers' "light-bearer", receives judgment from G-d as the king of Babylon (Isa. 14:3-23).

2. Restoring Your Own Jewish Spirituality
- for Observant Jews

"Have I been taught real Torah?"
You may have never questioned whether what you have absorbed is really a Jewish faith, especially if you are in orthodox circles.  But since New Agers are boasting control of the culture we have grown up in, and even penetration into the Torah community, it's time to investigate.

Is everything you have accepted about the nature of G-d and man, good and evil, based on the teachings of the eternal, unchanging Torah?  Is it based on teachings of Jewish leaders who never violated Deuteronomy 4:2 or 12:32 by cancelling or "reinventing" Torah?  Does your community believe that certain Torah commandments can be disregarded by certain rabbis or mekubalim because of their lofty spirituality?

Are your leaders teaching Torah, or are they (even unknowingly) offering a mixture of Torah and "universal ideas" from other religions?  It's true that Torah contains universal ideas, but with clear boundaries and exclusions.  Of special relevance here, we are explicitly commanded not to "inquire" how idol worshipers "serve their gods" so that we can "do likewise" for our own G-d. (Deut. 12:30)  Is there anything in the body of today's accepted traditions passing as "Jewish" that can be found in ancient mystery religions, but not in Torah?  Do you even know the Five Books well enough to answer that question?

(Isaiah 8:19-20, literal translation from Hebrew:)
"And when they say to you, 'Seek the mediums [channelers] and wizards [adepts in occult mysteries] who chirp and mutter; shall not a people seek its god on behalf of the living among the dead?'  To the Law and to the Testimony, if they will not speak according to this word: that it has no dawn [shahar]."

In other words, do not follow those leaders who refuse to confirm the fact that this is not the "dawning of a new age" and that Lucifer is not "son of the morning".  Do not follow those who condone occult activities like communing with the dead.  If you can't find such a rabbi to teach you, then stick to "the Law and the Testimony" on your own.

My rabbi, right or wrong.
Have you been taught not to scrutinize what the sages taught for possible error?  Have you been taught that your rabbis cannot be in error?  (Infallibility was an old Catholic doctrine, if you please, and even they only applied it to the Pope!) If a leader you admire is following after something forbidden by Torah, do you feel obligated to follow him into it, or to stand on Deuteronomy 13?  If false teachers of Torah were not possible, the Prophets would never have warned against them (see Ezekiel 34, Jeremiah 2:8, Zephaniah 3, Isaiah 28:7-14, etc).

Speaking of the Prophets, do you really believe that their words are from G-d, that "all his words" given through the Prophets "are truth and righteousness", as the Haftarah blessing says?  Have you ever taken time to study the Prophets, or are there entire passages of "truth and righteousness" which you've never even read once?  Perhaps you been taught that the sages and rabbis have veto power over the Prophets - did you ever think to ask how that is possible if "not one" word of the Prophets "will turn back and return empty"?  What will you do if you don't get an answer: stay or leave?

3. Restoring Those Around You

Educate the Jewish people to distance themselves from all groups which herald the New Age, and to disassociate themselves from all unJewish teachings.

Our main strength in this regard is: what are we lacking in our Tenach that we would need to supplement it with these foreign teachings?  The Dalai Lama's challenge must be, and can be, answered.

Why would Jews need a teaching about "karma" to pay for sins, when we can have Forgiveness with the promise, "I will remember your sins no more"?  What Jew needs "reincarnation" when we've been promised Resurrection?  Why accept the existence of evil in G-d when we have far better explanations in the books of Genesis, Job and Psalms?  Which "channeler" has a track record anywhere near that of our own Prophets - and why are our people so ignorant of those amazing Jewish prophecies?  (Israelis will know what I'm talking about; the old saying is still repeated by secular Israelis: "Anybody who lives in Israel and doesn't believe in miracles is just not being realistic....")

It is not enough, however, to say we don't need NA; we must disassociate ourselves from it in order to avoid the Divine judgment which NAers are destined to reap for their alliance with those eternal losers, the rebellious Hierarchy.  Since the New Agers agree that Babylon, the chief guardian of the "ageless wisdom", has never ceased to exist spiritually, the following prophecy is quite as relevant for today as when it was given to the physical kingdom:

(Jeremiah 51:5-7, literal translation from Hebrew:)  "For Israel has not been widowed, nor Judah, of his G-d the L-rd of Hosts, though their land is filled with guilt more than with the Holy One of Israel.  Flee out of Babylon, and let every man save his life [or soul]; do not be cut off in her iniquity; for it is a time of vengeance to the L-rd, a wage He will pay to her.  A cup of gold is Babylon in the hand of G-d, making all the earth drunk; nations have drunk her wine; therefore nations will go mad [yithollelu - interestingly, same root as Isaiah's helel, "the shining one" who fell from Heaven]. Suddenly has Babylon fallen and is broken..."

The rest of that chapter is very interesting as well.  Israel is commanded, in addition to leaving physical Babylon, to specifically "flee from the Kasdim" (Chaldeans); these were the elite sorcerers of Babylon and possessors of the "secret doctrines". (see Isaiah 48:20; Jeremiah 50:8)

Arm your children with discernment.
It is not possible to shield your children from the indoctrination now in progress.  The New Age is counting on the young generation to usher in their Plan, and no effort has been spared to reach them.  If you filter the TV and movies, they will get it through Disney productions and other innocent-looking programs.  If you turn off access to the Internet, they will find it in many computer and video games.  If you eliminate TV, computer and movies, they will be exposed in the classroom, on the school computer network, and in the libraries.  If you home-school, they will learn it at the homes of their relatives or friends.  Limiting their circles to "kosher" families, friends and organizations will not ensure their protection either, since Jewish communities have long been infiltrated [see the Missionizing Section].  Even relocating to Israel will not spare them from the onslaught [see the survey of NA religions operating in Israel, which only highlights the larger groups].

The only solution is to teach them how to spot the NA indoctrination, how to test it with Torah, and how to actively reject it for the fraud it is.  Sit with them and point out examples (you'll have no shortage of material).  Rent a video and pause it periodically to discuss with them why people find these concepts attractive, what is wrong with them from a Torah standpoint, and also where the Jews are being slandered in subtle ways. The role of villian in the more recent sci-fi productions often has Jewish mannerisms, or alternately fits the description of Bailey and others as a "vampire" who feeds on humanity; and occasionally the bad guy is openly identified as Jewish (for example, the recent movie version of _X Men_, where the archvillian is clearly a bitter Holocaust survivor).  In my own attempts to educate children, I have found that kids as young as 7 can learn to identify NA messages with accuracy and explain why they are unacceptable.

4. Restoring the Jewish Community

Reconcile and Reunite.
No one can ignore the friction in the community over different approaches to Jewish observance and lifestyle.  It is not my intention to endorse one over another, although my own choices have been made with confidence. My point here is that this is no time to argue over what is surely a footnote to the threat facing the community.  I stand by my contention that unless we rally around the Torah, our individual faith will not stand the test to come. But even if we do not resolve this issue, we have a better chance defending ourselves together than in separate corners.  The snap judgments of the secular against the "Torah fanatics" and the orthodox against the "Torah breakers" must be replaced by a more thoughtful examination of the Other Side, with the realization that a media controlled by our common enemy will have an interest in feeding us misconceptions about each other to divide and conquer.  If we have half a brain, we will invest more in dialog, to make sure the Other Side learns who we are without having to rely on the media.  If we're really smart, we will make a joint commitment to protect all Jews from being delegitimized by NA propaganda, even when their lifestyle drives us up the wall.

Accelerate the gathering of Diaspora Jews to Israel.
It is obvious now more than ever that the Jews have no way of defending themselves outside the Land. When the Global Governance system becomes operational, it will be international policy to discriminate against Jews, to take away their children who have been "wrongly indoctrinated" and to target the whole lot of us for "cleansing action".

The only defensible position for Jews of any persuasion is to stand with their own people in their own land, where we have survived enemy attacks time and again (though rationally we can't explain why...). It is also the best defensive policy for Israel -- the more the better, since even with G-d's help, "Five will chase one hundred" but "a hundred will chase ten thousand." (Leviticus 26:8)

According to the published NA timetable, this leaves world Jewry about one to three years to consolidate in their land before they may be faced with the "Luciferic initiation" or the alternative. (G-d may decide to postpone their Plan again as He has apparently done several times, but who wants to gamble on this chance with their family?)

5. Restoring an Ancient Relationship

If the NA has its way, the Jews will be eliminated, along with any non-Jews who show loyalty to the Jewish Bible and people.  The latter group is clearly a potential ally in resisting NA domination, but the largest contingent among these has ironically been the group under heaviest suspicion by Jews: the evangelical Christians.  Even more ironically, this group more than any other has a faith system that most closely parallels that of religious Jews. With those Evangelicals who are not infected with "replacement theology" (which I suspect is a NA invention anyway), Torah Jews are highly compatible.  These alone among the Christians are interested in moving backward theologically toward the earliest roots of Christianity, where their first leaders were actually Jews - and Jews who respected Torah, no less.

In a certain sense, this subgroup is the equivalent of younger brothers to the Jews, with a potential for a relationship that has not been as supportive in perhaps 1800 years.  Yet most Jews continue to single out these particular Christians as objects of suspicion and mistrust, because of the strength of their convictions and their willingness to talk about what they believe to everyone.  Including Jews.

What's the matter with us?  If a group systematically excluded Jews from receiving information about any other subject on earth, we would yell "antisemitism". Yet we react in anger and disgust when these Christians refuse to discriminate against Jews in offering what they consider valuable.  The Jewish "Jesus allergy" belongs to another time and place, when the Jews were a homeless people, second-class, without right of refusal and at the mercy of a dominating Church (not evangelical, I should point out, but Catholic) which was intent on forcing Church teaching on us.

We welcome "interfaith" activities with the kinds of Christians who won't bother us about their faith because they have none to share - they don't take our Bible seriously anymore (and therefore, don't be surprised if the day comes when they don't take Jews seriously either).  Even with the group which once offended us most, the Catholics, all is forgiven since they no longer consider Jews worth recruiting.  But we react with medieval hostility to one of the strongest allies the Jews will ever have, rejecting them precisely for the quality that makes them such firm friends: they are so convinced of their beliefs that they think others should consider them.  Are we threatened by a group that believes our Prophets strongly enough to see a Jewish Messiah in them?  What does that say about our attitude toward those Books which we ourselves gave them?  What does it say about our confidence in our own identity?

Some will reply that we avoid anything to do with the Christians in general because of their habit of denigrating the Jewish people for rejecting Jesus.  Okay.  Why aren't we avoiding and ostracizing the New Agers from our communities for the same reason?  Our one-track idea of "soul stealers" has blinded us to the point where far more souls are being stolen by pagan mystics than by any church we know.

The New Age has an interest in keeping Jews and Evangelicals at odds with each other.  An alliance for mutual strengthening on social and spiritual levels would present a formidable front to the NA onslaught on both our communities.  They would happily encourage us to continue viewing Evangelicals as "deceptive" for explaining their faith in terms of our traditions, while they plant suspicions among the Christians that orthodox Jews are "deceptive" for secretly slandering Gentiles in our Talmud.  An organization like "Toward Tradition" must infuriate NAers because it is successfully bringing observant Jews and evangelical Christians together to work in a broad area of common values, without allergic reactions to the faith of the other side.  Curiously, it bothers many Jews for the same reason: the historical friction and mutual suspicion have been set aside for more urgent issues, and that alone constitutes grounds for suspicion. (See "Onward Christians' Rabbi", _The Jerusalem Report_, Apr.24, 2000)

If this Jewish-Christian cooperation spreads, there's no telling what damage it may do to The Plan.

6. Restoring Disillusioned New Agers

Here I have in mind Jews primarily, but any human being who is willing to listen is worthy of our efforts. After all, our G-d has promised to take a people for Himself from among the nations (see Isaiah 51:4 and Amos 9:12, among others).  What better "world service" could we perform than to offer the one thing that NA is trying to withhold from these seekers?  Just think: our unique G-d is now the "forbidden fruit" in the Garden of Aquarius!  And there will certainly be hungry inhabitants in that Garden who have discovered that the standard fare leaves one rather hollow inside.

Mount an aggressive campaign of information.
Judging from my own personal dialog with many in the various NA networks, even those in direct contact with spirit guides have doubts at times about the validity of their path.  Some have expressed disillusionment over the savage power struggles, back-stabbing and ego trips running rampant among supposedly "enlightened" people, even at the highest levels.  It appears that the world peace, unity and goodwill (at least at this stage) are falling short of all the rosy predictions.  I believe that this will always be the case unless true repentance (in Biblical terms) takes place.  But I also believe that, as the NAers themselves predict, there will eventually be a leader strong enough to force a semblance of unity on all parties, using psychic or spiritual power (probably gained by the "Luciferic initiation") to whip them into line.

Until that time, we must take advantage of the disarray in the NA ranks.  Besides the weak points noted above, here are others that can be used:

6a. "The Masters" and their slaves:  Many "initiates" are disappointed in their failure to find the inner peace they were promised.  Instead they are struggling with psychic powers going out of control, unpleasant "visitations" from spirits, and nameless overwhelming fears, all of which increase the "higher" they "ascend".  It is almost taboo for them to admit to these frightening problems, but such people will be open to possible explanations.  To them I propose the following thought:

As mentioned before, some information has been (and likely is now being) withheld from the public by NA leaders, on the pretext that people are not yet "evolved" enough to accept it.  Such items of information revealed lately, however, have turned out to be not deep concepts, but unpalatable programs which a few short years ago were considered immoral - thus the real obstacle was that they could not be revealed until the public resistance was weaker.  In this context, even the highest level New Agers, those at the level of Robert Muller, ought to be asking themselves how they can be sure the "ascended masters" have been straight with even  their highest human disciples.  I would submit that just as NA leaders have hidden certain "controversial" elements of the Plan from the public, there can just as easily be parts of the Plan kept from all humanity by these "benevolent" spirit guides, proposals which would meet with human resistance, even from Robert Muller, if fully known.  The increasing lack of personal serenity and equilibrium as one moves toward the future "initiation" ought to raise questions, for that was not part of the deal.... For such seasoned political double-talkers and cynical "reshapers of society" as those in the NA to never imagine they might be beaten at their own game by a higher intelligence shows astonishing naivete.

6b. Why are They afraid of the Jewish Force?  One reality of life which stubbornly refuses to be explained away by the most clever NA arguments is: our presence. The Jews, supposedly an inferior race, have not only somehow survived the centuries which wiped out all other contemporary civilizations (including super-charged Atlantis and the Third Reich), but survived intensive attempts by enemies to "help" it into oblivion.

We as a people are a monkey wrench in the NA theory of human evolution, mainly because our G-d is a thorn in the eye of the "ascended masters".  Get rid of the Jews and their Book, and their G-d will disappear too - or at least be proven faithless. But they seem powerless to do it, and as a result they openly hate our G-d. (I'm speaking of the "higher intelligences" now, since they are the self-proclaimed authors of the cosmic War to the death.)  A declaration of war implies the recognition of a threatening power to be opposed - a dead giveaway that the "ascended masters" know our G-d exists; not only that, but His strength is dreaded (all their recorded ridicule notwithstanding).

One might be annoyed by a fiction, but one would certainly not feel threatened - especially entities at the level of enlightenment and self-control which the "Hierarchy" claims.  Those who respond that the "Masters" have declared war only on "the outmoded idea" of the Jewish G-d must explain why the "Masters" themselves confess that the physical Jewish people have always been and continue to be their target, down to the last person. "Ideas" are eliminated through education.  People are eliminated through physical death.

More than anything, New Agers respect displays of power and supernatural events.  It should be pointed out to them that even if they consider this G-d of the Jews only an "idea", it must be one powerful "Idea" to preserve a distinct people against impossible odds and a long line of enemies over 4000 years.  It clearly beat anything the Atlanteans had, since their civilization collapsed in competition with it. The New Age shouldn't be so quick to reject an Idea with that kind of "vibration level" - perhaps they should read the Bible for themselves before rejecting it....

7. Answering the Challenge - Spirit to Spirit

We need to remember that the New Agers are the human puppets of an unseen adversary in this war.  The real battle is actually raging over all our heads; their gods vs. our G-d.

But calling it a "spiritual" war does not keep the battle in the ethereal and abstract realms.  As we have seen, the Hierarchy's Cosmic War must be anchored on earth, among flesh and blood people, in order to carry on.  In Biblical accounts of wars involving Israel, the line between the spiritual and the physical was usually a dotted line - crossovers between the seen and the unseen worlds were taken as a matter of course.  Modern Israelis are aware of the same porous state between material and spiritual, again most noticeable during the many wars (declared and otherwise) this nation has sustained in its 53 short years.

Spiritual wars call for spiritual weapons.  According to the Torah, G-d Himself is both shield and sword for Israel (Deuteronomy 33:29).  In the Prophets, we see the valiant warrior Gideon launching his attack on the Midianites with a dual arsenal: "a sword for the L-rd and for Gideon!" (Judges 7:20) The servants of G-d are given words which function as effectively as a "sharp sword". (Isaiah 49:2)  Specifically, the very words of the Prophets are weapons which can cut an adversary of G-d to bits (Hosea 6:5).  For this reason alone, every Jew who takes a stand against the NA threat ought to become adept at finding the right words in the Prophets for each situation.

Build your expertise in handling these powerful spiritual weapons.  How does such a weapon work?  Simpler than you think.  Do as the prophets themselves did: speak the appropriate words of G-d to whoever needs to hear them, human or spirit.  (Be prepared for possible confrontations with hostile spirit guides.)  G-d will see to the rest, including guidance on what physical steps should be taken.  (Naturally, one can't really do this if one lacks the faith to deal with unseen realities. The first step may be to study the examples of those who did have such faith, namely the prophets, judges and righteous kings of Israel.)

Two of my favorite personal weapons:

The first is addressed to the NA Hierarchy and their servants - Isaiah 8:9-14 (with various possible translations from the literal Hebrew).  Its relevance will intrigue readers who have stayed with me through the entire series:

Rage, you peoples, and be shattered; and give ear, all remote places of the earth. Gird yourselves, and you will be shattered; gird yourselves, and you will be shattered. Take counsel with advice [or, as in some translations, devise a Plan], but it will come to nothing; speak the word, but it will not stand, for G-d is with us.

For thus the L-rd spoke to me with a strong hand and disciplined me from walking in the way of this people, saying: "You are not to say, A conspiracy! to all that this people say is a conspiracy [literally, Connection! to all which this people say is interconnected], and you shall not fear their fear or be afraid of it [esteem it/him]. It is the L-rd of Hosts whom you should regard as holy. And He shall be your fear, and He shall be your dread [or, high esteem]. Then He will become a sanctuary...."

The second one - Isaiah 60:1-2 - is dedicated to the Jewish people, who are not going to be left in the dark when the Age of Aquarius descends on this planet:
Arise, shine; for your Light has come, the glory of the L-rd has risen upon you.
Behold, darkness will cover [the] earth, and deep darkness [the] nations.
And on you the L-rd will rise, and on you His glory will be seen.
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