by Hannah Newman --

"All societies believe nonsense....
As in cell replication, any given society
sooner or later hits on a chunk of lethal nonsense, and collapses.
In a world of many independent societies, this does not matter much.
But once communication technology has formed a single global society,
the time must come when everyone believes the same lethal nonsense simultaneously.
Civilization then collapses globally, leaving no seed from which it could rise again."
(David Jones, quoted by Richard Crews, _CPU Review_, April 1993, p.44)

B. Human History According to the New Age

In spite of cautions like the above, NAers are supremely confident that their society is free of "lethal nonsense".  On the contrary, they are convinced that the very survival of civilization depends on their success in reshaping mankind's understanding of its own origins and destiny.  In their view, any "lethal nonsense" that exists is to be found in those who do not accept any of the doctrines that follow.

1. Mankind as a whole is continually evolving upward, physically and/or spiritually.  There is no meaningful difference between material and spiritual in this evolution - what we consider physical "reality" is maya [Hindu term for illusion], no different from dreams or imagination.  In fact, once men's minds are released from accepting the "illusion" of physical limitations, anything and everything is possible for humanity. Therefore, the material (physical) world is actually an evil, in that it holds us back from developing our full potential. Bailey identified the "Dark Forces" in part as materialism and the persistence in relating to matter as real (_Externalisation of the Hierarchy_ Section II, p.74-75).  Hindu yogis devote their lives to escaping the "maya" of this life through physical deprivation and self-inflicted suffering. So do Theosophists, in keeping with the Gnostic tradition (see Blavatsky, _The Secret Doctrine_ I, p.70)  Tibetan Buddhists try to escape it through prolonged isolation and silent meditation.  Inevitably, all who accept such a view of earthly existence see death as a welcome escape and a helping hand in human evolution - as did Bailey (_Externalisation_ II, p.75).

The NA doctrines most familiar to us are tailored to Western demands for a quicker and less painful path, but their offer of "personal transformation" sets the same goal for the initiate: escape from the limitations of this life, at least mentally if one is not ready for the physical step. [A quick survey of popular movies of recent years will show how energetically we are being indoctrinated to free ourselves from "the physical plane", or the material world. An especially powerful apologetic is _The Matrix_, which a gnostic acquaintance recommended to me as a good presentation of his belief system. And lest viewers miss the fact that they are being preached at, in the final moments of the flick, the main character - "Neo" (Greek for "new man"), in league with "Morpheus" (Greek for "change", also the god of dreams) - turns into a combination of Superman and messiah and takes over the dialog.  All sense of fictional plot dissolves as he directs an old-fashioned altar call straight at the viewing audience, inviting them to join him in this kind of "freedom... where everything is possible".  The same tactic was used with more subtletly in _The Truman Show_, where Truman ("true man") finally catches on to his illusory "life", defies his manipulative "creator" Christoff (also named deliberately) and steps right out of his "existence" - to the cheers of his vast audience waiting for him on the "outside".]

We have evolved through several "root-races" (the 1st was the "Lemurian", and the 2nd the "Atlantean", the latter dated by NA mythology as ending 26,000 years ago). We are nearing the end of the 3rd, the "Aryan root-race" [Yes, it's the same Aryan race found in Nazi doctrine - except they identified the location not as Atlantis but Hyperborea]. Each root-race goes through stages which produce "subraces", representing stair-steps upward toward the next race in which mankind acquires new attributes and abilities. According to Alice Bailey, these ages change every 2000 years, and are reflected in the astrological signs.  We are currently at a transition stage between two ages in our "planetary evolution": about to enter the "6th subrace" of the Aryan root. [This is only one example of the strange math which plagues New Age history - to pass through 5 ages of Aryan race-history since Atlantis would only take 10,000 years, leaving another 16,000 unaccounted for....] To complicate human history even further, Theosophist G. de Purucker claims that we are witnessing the birth of "the 6th subrace of our present 5th [rather than 3rd] root-race"; according to him, the Lemurian and Atlantean are the 3rd and 4th; root-races 1 and 2 are unidentified. He names the Aryan race as "one of the very first subraces of our own 5th root-race" [not the root-race itself, which remains nameless], noting that the Aryan race is declining but will rise again [revived subraces are not mentioned by Bailey]. Meanwhile, our current subrace won't die out for another 427,000 years, and by his "Brahmanical" calculations, a single root-race lasts not 26,000 years but "8.6 million years"! (See _The Fountain-Source of Occultism_, published by the Theosophical Society.) [Before we laugh, we must remember that these histories - both versions, in fact - are not attributed by NAers to confused humans, but to disembodied spirit beings who propose to guide mankind to higher wisdom.  In view of their track record on "wisdom" so far, I wouldn't trust them with my personal bank account, let alone mankind's future....]

In order to reach each new subrace, the highest form of mankind must make a collective "quantum leap" across an evolutionary gap; other inferior strains are left behind and eventually die out as the newly empowered root (sometimes called the new "starseed") takes over. [Anyone who remembers the classic movie, _2001: A Space Odyssey_, will recall the unexplained scenes with the obelisk that mysteriously appears, and the sudden leap of higher consciousness in those who touched it.  This was one of the earliest media efforts to introduce the NA "quantum-leap evolution" doctrine to Western society at large.  But at that time (1970) New Age "change agents" were still under orders by the "Hierarchy" to keep a low profile; thus viewers were shown nothing but a visual riddle, the keys to which were shared only with the initiated.]

The new subrace is considered literally a new, "mutated" species of man. John White (_International Cooperation Council Directory_, 1979, p.13-15) coined the name homo noeticus which is "a newer and higher form of humanity taking control of the planet... while the older species [homo sapien] dies out from a massive dose of irrationalism." This concept of the old species dying out to make way for the new was also held by Hitler (see him quoted in _Spear of Destiny_, Trevor Ravenscroft, p.250). White continues, "Outwardly these mutant humans resemble the earlier forms. The difference is inward, in their changed mentality, in their consciousness." In de Puruker's words, "Its forerunners are very few; they are strange people... freaks of nature." [The idea of humans mutating upward is also being sold nonstop to our society through entertainment, especially for children - you will be hard-pressed to find a kiddie cartoon, computer game, toy or popular movie where the "hero" is not some mutant blend of human/non-human elements, either visibly or "spiritually" or both.  This, of course, flies in the face of real life on our planet; all branches of science have shown that mutations are never an advantage to a species and always die out quickly.  Positive mutations simply do not exist on earth - let alone a single extra-terrestrial composite remotely like the _Star Trek_ or _Star Wars_ heroes we all grew to know and love.  But hard evidence is no barrier to NA thought, which holds the imaginary to be as valid as the real.]

2. The term "New Age" refers to the (astrological) Age of Aquarius which is about to begin, as soon as there is a "critical mass" of "initiates" or enlightened ones ready to make this leap to the next subrace. The pop group Fifth Dimension released their hit, "Age of Aquarius" around 1970, whose lyrics explain in detail the astrological signs of its arrival. [The 40-something crowd will remember the seemingly unrelated song that was awkwardly tacked onto the end of this song, urging us all to "let the sunshine in" - another clear indoctrination effort.] The term "fifth dimension" itself is a code phrase referring to "the plane of the spirit guides". (See NAer Jose Arguelles, interviewed by The Intergroup for Planetary Oneness, _Meditation Magazine_ Summer 1987.)  The "old age" being replaced is named by Alice Bailey as the "Age of Pisces", which ushered in the "Christian dispensation".  Conservative Christians are creating an obstacle to mankind reaching this critical mass, since they are unreasonably attached to their old dispensation, and their influence must be neutralized. The Jews, who refused even to leave their "Age of Aries" (the time of the Torah) to enter the Age of Pisces, (to merge with Christianity) are doubly behind in their evolutionary development (Bailey, _Reappearance of the Christ_, p.81) - and as a result, double trouble is caused by the lingering influence the Jewish religion has on society. [Enacting a solution to this is central to the NA Plan]

3. This 'evolutionary progress' depends on four major concepts, handed down, it is taught, mainly from Babylonian and Hindu religion: reincarnation, karma, human eugenics, and balance with the Earth.

3a. Reincarnation (each soul returning many times into different bodies). This concept is so popular that not much needs to be explained here.  [However, note that the "evidence" for reincarnation is problematic: it is always subjective (based on someone's narrative which cannot be verified or falsified); and it is always self-serving.  Everyone's "past-life memory" is fascinating, rather than mundane as we might expect billions of lives to be.  And a past life invariably justifies what one already wants to do in this life.]  We are encouraged to embrace our past lives, to build upon them rather than regret them - no matter how unsavory we "were".  The one exception is the Jews.  Only Jews are expected to reject their present identity as Jews, which is the unfortunate result of a shameful past incarnation as... what else?... Jews again. (See _Externalisation_ II, p.78).]

Classic reincarnation holds that there is a limited number of souls being recycled over eons through thousands of lives. Obviously there is a problem with this theory, as there are far too many people on earth today to tally with the smaller number of reincarnated souls from the past.  To resolve this, one theory holds that souls have had to "split" in order for each person on earth to carry a "spark" of something human.  Jewish proponents of reincarnation usually hold this view. [The very idea of one soul being shared by many people clashes with the central Jewish doctrine of the resurrection of the dead at the End of Days, when each soul is restored to its original body. Who will be resurrected with which body, and from which life?  As a doctrine which no one can find clearly spelled out in the Torah or Prophets, reincarnation enjoys an undeserved reputation as a pillar of Judaism.]  But the more popular explanation is that there must be subhumans walking around, bodies without viable souls inhabiting them. [Compare with Nazi propagandist Rosenberg's statement.] As de Purucker of the Theosophical Society explains it: "All the stronger, more advanced egos [or, reincarnating souls]... take embodiment in the new race, whereas the bodies of the decaying race are given over to less developed egos which enter them... [until they will] finally be the vehicles for only the least developed egos of the human stock." (_Fountain_, "Racial Cycles and Yugas") At the bottom of de Purucker's soul-barrel are a "few Lemurian bodies still going on and on - so-called because they are of direct Lemurian descent - [which] offer vehicles to the very lowest class of the human stock." (Bailey identified the Lemurian race as the Jews.) The lack in certain circles of "openness to the light" of NA teaching is explained as one clue that these are the ones lacking developed souls.  Other "symptoms" mentioned by Theosophical Society co-founder W.Q. Judge are genetic, physical or mental deformities, anti-social behavior and Chinese nationality [sic]; egos may even "desert" their bodies, leaving functioning but soul-less shells. ("Why Races Die Out", _Path_, Oct. 1891) For Anthroposophist (former Theosophist) Rudolf Steiner, the under-developed souls were found in dark-skinned bodies (taught in all Waldorf Schools under "Racial Ethnography").

What then would be the most humane response, given our "overcrowded" planet and the beneficial effect of physical death?  The benevolent NA program is already underway.

3b. Karma [Hindu term] means that this life contains rewards or punishments for good or bad deeds done in your previous lives, meted out by an impersonal mechanism called "the universal law of harmony, which unerringly maintains equilibrium in the cosmos" (William Q. Judge, "The Ocean of Theosophy").  Not only individuals, butraces and even planets are affected by karma, as Alice Bailey discusses in _Initiation, Human and Solar_ (p.41).  It is not explained how the punishment for a certain individual's actions can be passed on to another (innocent) individual through genetics, nor is it explained how that would be fair, but anyone who inherits a genetic defect is assumed to merit the punishment.  Similar rules apply to "racial" karma and to explain the suffering of the Jews. In other words, descendents inherit the payment for their ancestors' behavior as well as for their own.

This "cosmic law of nature" literally never makes a mistake.  "There is no such thing as pure innocence, even in a tiny babe. Every soul carries within it the scars of centuries of wrong thinking and wrong doing." (Dr. Rodney Romney, _Journey to Inner Space_, p.127)  Past lives which are lived wrongly bring about karma which must be worked off without complaint.  Flying in the face of all New Age social activism, the purist interpretation of karma logically concludes that no one should try to alleviate their own or another's suffering, lest we interfere with the outworking of their karma, upset the balance of cosmic justice, and prolong someone's dreary journey through future lives. [This rationale has long been followed in India, where sick and starving people 'of low caste' are left to die in the streets.]  W.Q. Judge taught extensively on this theme ("The Ocean of Theosophy") and commented on its application to the Jews. The cosmic balance maintained by karma is alternately described in Oriental terms of "yin-yang" where light and darkness (good and evil) are needed in equal portions for a person, an ethnic race or the cosmos to be whole. [Like its twin doctrine, reincarnation, the "evidence" for karma is always subjective, and it is always self-serving for those already living well.  The iron rule that "everyone has got exactly what they deserve" cannot help but legitimize the status quo for those who like things as they are: a classic example of circular reasoning.]

3c. Eugenics (improving the race through breeding):  It is agreed that theoretically it is "immoral" for spiritually or physically inferior creatures to use up space and limited resources on our "overpopulated Spaceship Earth", which should be used to nurture the people who are better equipped to carry the human race to higher levels.  Moreover, the purity of the human race becomes downgraded as such "lower egos" reproduce and interbreed with the "better stock"; this in turn jeopardizes the success of the next quantum leap to a new subrace. In such a context, eugenicists see themselves not as racists, but responsible leaders working for the good of humanity, undertaking a noble and necessary (but misunderstood) task - even a holy task:  "There is now no reasonable excuse for refusing to face the fact that nothing but a eugenics religion can save our civilization from the fate that has overtaken all previous civilizations." (George Bernard Shaw quoted by Mark Haller, _Eugenics_, p.19)

The outer defects which are taken to be outworkings of negative karma make it easier to identify the spiritually "inferior" strains of humanity which will "endanger" human progress. Two strategies can then be employed: to strictly segregate the superior humanity from contact and mingling with inferior strains, and to hasten the demise of the undesired strains by preventing reproduction and by cutting short their natural lifespans wherever possible. Both strategies have been institutionalized in this century on a nationwide level, most notably in the Hindu caste system and in the Nazi racial purity laws. [Theosophy was the conduit from the former to the latter - more in the Nazism section]

A look at the history of "Planned Parenthood" (until 1942 called "The American Birth Control League") will reveal that its founders, Margaret Sanger, Madison Grant and Dr. Lothrop Stoddard, advocated a strong eugenicist worldview, proclaimed on the masthead of the _Birth Control Review_ as "Creating a Race of Thoroughbreds". [Americans of that era were quite receptive to racial purity ideas, and the masthead did not create the furor it undoubtedly would today.]  "For race betterment is such an intensely practical matter: when peoples come to realize that the quality of the population is the source of all their prosperity, progress, security and even existence; we shall see much-abused 'eugenics' actually moulding social programmes and political policies... we or the next generation..." (Stoddard, _The Rising Tide of Color against White World Supremacy_, 1930)  Sanger advocated not only the "elimination of human weeds" in a social context, but approved of the "sterilization of genetically inferior races." (_The Pivot of Civilization_, p.101,108,123) Although she proposed a peaceful path to "racial purification," in which people would be educated and paid to foster "more children from the fit, fewer from the unfit", Sanger had no quarrel with the Nazis' compulsory sterilization program. Another BC League member, Harry Laughlin, received an honorary MD degree from the University of Heidelberg, in appreciation of his "contributions to the Third Reich". (Richard Hertz, _Chance and Symbol_, p.107)  In return, a number of American eugenicists urged the Eugenics Record Office (a BC League enterprise) to make Adolf Hitler an honorary member. (see Robert Proctor, _Racial Hygiene_, p.103) Although this was not done, Nazi articles were printed and Nazi sterilization policies were praised in the _Birth Control Review_, even after American eugenicists were invited to witness their coercive and often brutal methods. [see more under Nazism section].

Has Planned Parenthood distanced themselves from the unsavory history of their organization?  Not if their Annual Report of 1985 is the last word: "Proud of our past, and planning for our future." The "planning" has included birth control and/or sterilization of the "mentally retarded" [Project 3], the "physically handicapped" [Project 4] and "psychiatric patients, criminals, and prisoners" [Project 6]. (Planned Parenthood Federation of America, "A Five Year Plan 1976-1980")

[PP circulated a statement in Feb. 1998 ("The Truth About Margaret Sanger", orignally found at the PPFA on-line Library & Resource Center) to "refute" Sanger's "alleged racism".  Their efforts to prove that her "views on 'fitness'" were not based on eugenics or racism ought to embarrass any Sanger fan.  For example, Sanger is exonerated from using the racist masthead of the _Birth Control Review_ because she did not personally invent the concept; in defense they point out that "the raising of human thoroughbreds" as "the noblest and most difficult art" had its origin with a Dr. Edward A. Kempf.  Reproducing her use of Kempf's argument in _Pivot_, they succeed in showing that he does not mention race as a factor, which only draws attention to the fact that Sanger herself added the racial dimension in her masthead slogan. There are also cases of outright denial: claiming that the review by Havelock Ellis of Stoddard's _Rising Tide_ was published by Sanger in order to denounce Stoddard's racism, while missing the fact that Stoddard remained a respected co-leader at the BC League. Another: refuting Sanger's motto, "More children from the fit, less from the unfit" by attributing it to the editors of _American Medicine_ who were summarizing her article published therein - failing to deal with Sanger's clear approval in reprinting this line in the May 1919 _BCR_ alongside her article.  In some cases, unsavory Sanger quotes are denounced as nonexistent, although other sources have cited book and page for them; the Sanger statement mentioned above from _Pivot_ about "human weeds" and "genetically inferior races" is specifically dismissed as an "allegation" in an "anonymous flyer" by "anti-family planning activists".]

[I know of no other attempt by Planned Parenthood to deal with Margaret Sanger's racist eugenics. This piece, by the way, was recently updated. There is no change except for three additional sentences which try to prove that Sanger opposed the Nazis on minor points - an issue which has only marginal bearing on her eugenics. The newly-discovered evidence, that "Sanger actually helped several Jewish women and men and others [sic] escape the Nazi regime in Germany", is a transparent attempt to placate Jewish supporters, proves nothing (since even the Nazi leadership spared a few favored Jews), and is so unimpressive for a human rights leader it would have been better left unsaid.]

Did Planned Parenthood target only poor black communities for eugenic control, as most people believe?  Not if the locations of their birth control clinics are any indication.  Sanger herself opened one in the Brownsville section of New York - not a neighborhood of poor Afro-Americans, but immigrant Slavs, Hispanics, Italians... and Jews. [In their above statement, the PPFA "refutes" the fact that Sanger targeted these groups for population control by saying that she was not promoting "abortion" among them, only "birth control"....]  Were Sanger's "undesirables" limited to the socially unproductive and genetically dysfunctional?  Not if we consider her own declaration that "dysgenic races" should rightly include "Fundamentalists and Catholics" - a purely religious consideration. (see _Woman's Body, Woman's Right_, Linda Gordon, p.229-334.)  We will see later that, according to Bailey's New World Order, religious conviction does indeed affect one's fitness for the new human subrace. [Some sources claim that Margaret Sanger was indeed a Theosophy devotee, which would explain many of her convictions, but I have not yet found documentation for this claim.]

Nazi Germany was not the first country with racial purity laws. The US Supreme Court  sanctioned forced sterilization of "undesirables" for over 40 years - the only difference being that racial desirability was evaluated by social/health criteria rather than by ethnic/religious background.  Following the Supreme Court ruling on "Buck v. Bell" (1927), in which Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes upheld the "Eugenics Laws" of several states, these laws were adopted by a total of 30 American states between 1927 and 1933. Before the landmark case, 17 states had already enacted compulsory sterilization laws, beginning with Indiana in 1907.  These laws followed the "Model Eugenical Sterilization Law" of the Eugenics Record Office, (founded in 1910 and directed by BC League's Harry Laughlin) which called for forcibly sterilizing "criminal mental patients, retarded, blind, deaf, diseased, alcoholics, and dependents on society"; these laws also required segregation of the physically and mentally disabled in state-run institutions (where sterilization took place routinely). The State of Virginia added "unwed mothers, prostitutes, petty criminals and children with disciplinary problems" to their list. [As we know, Hitler rounded up the Jews only after legislating forced sterilizations and abortions, euthanasia, elimination of the physically and mentally disabled, and disposal of social misfits. The U.S. legal system must therefore be held responsible for encouraging Nazi eugenic policy, having enacted similar laws before Hitler even came to power. The Nazi Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Disease did not come into being until 1933.] The U.S. eugenics laws were repealed by the Supreme Court only in 1972. [see the _Pro-Life Activist's Encyclopedia_, The American Life League, Chapters 53 and 105]

After the Nazis took eugenics to its logical and horrifying conclusions, American eugenics saw the wisdom of going "underground", promoting what their British counterparts admiringly called "crypto-eugenics": working through gradual, incremental education and media exposure to increase public tolerance (and with it legal sanction) for selection programs.  It is part of the crypto-eugenics strategy to educate people that "quality of life" takes priority over life itself.  "Society legalizes abortion to enhance the quality of human life." (Dr. H.G. Whittington, writing on abortion counseling strategy) "Upon the quality of human life all else depends." (Stoddard, _Rising Tide_ p.i)  [Today, we are so accustomed to the mantra "Quality of Life" that many fail to notice the growing list of conditions that supposedly "threaten quality of life" - or the fact that most of them are less a threat to a fulfilled existence than to society's bank accounts.  Evaluating "quality of life" by monetary cost is one of the most insulting, dehumanizing, materialistic travesties of our society... and not a word of protest from the NA philosophers who loudly denounce materialism as a global evil!  So much for New Age integrity.]

The first resistance to selection which the crypto-eugenicists tackled was abortion, which after decades of effort has finally resulted in the fetus being accepted as an unresponsive subhuman by most sectors of society - except for the deeply religious Jew or Christian, the informed anatomy student, and the reasonably alert pregnant woman.  Second on the list is euthanasia, or "assisted suicide", which is only now beginning to show fruit. The next "selection" process to be introduced is infanticide.  Moving gradually from early-stage permissiveness, legislation in the U.S. has been steadily pushing abortion limits which have now reached to the very moment of birth; "partial-birth abortion" was recently (Aug. 2000) sanctioned by the Supreme Court in a controversial 5-4 decision (which incidently invalidates contrary laws in 30 states and the sensitivities of 2/3 of the American public).  From there, it is a short step to the proposal which seemed lunatic less than 3 decades ago: "Most birth defects are not discovered until birth. If a child were not declared alive until 3 days after birth, the doctor could allow the child to die if the parents so choose, and save a lot of misery and suffering. I believe this view is the only rational, compassionate attitude to have." (Nobel Prize winner and ethicist Dr. James D. Watson, 1973, emphasis mine.)  Margaret Sanger, more than a generation before Watson, already saw cases where even perfectly healthy babies should be spared the "misery" of life: "The most merciful thing a large family can do to one of its infant members is to kill it." (Sanger, _Women and the New Race_, 1920, p.67)  And her colleague, Madison Grant, saw infanticide as a natural process which could aid the "preservation of the species", if it weren't for the "sentimental beliefs" inherited from Judaism and Christianity.  As could be expected, "quality of life" was cited when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the "euthanasia" of "Baby Doe" of Bloomington, Indiana (1982-3), which in fact was premeditated infanticide (death by starvation) of an unwanted child.

In fact, some would like to go even farther, equating the "quality of life" which merits being born at all with a genetic forecast of good health for one's entire life:  "If we could tell what fetuses are going to be affected with cancer in their 40s and 50s, I would be for aborting them now." (Dr. Cecil B. Jacobson, Chief of the Reproductive Genetics Unit, George Washington University Hospital, quoted in _Psychology Today_, Sep. 1975, p.22)  This will likely be the first application of the famous Genome Project, which is endeavoring to identify and "map" as many as possible of the 10,000+ human genes: "It is highly likely that within a decade [from 1990], tests for a variety of aberrant genes [those which show a higher-than-average chance of developing a disease or disorder] will be cheap and easy enough to permit testing of large numbers of people.... As the list of known defective genes grows, there will be mounting pressure for mass screening of the population, at least of the newborn population.... As prenatal genetic diagnosis becomes simpler and easier, the temptation will arise to use it for less severe genetic aberrations...." (Jerry Bishop and Michael Waldholz, _Genome_. See pp.17-20, 278, 308). [To put things in perspective, ponder the fact that The Genome Project is a multi-billion-dollar effort, mostly financed by the US government. Why aren't the champions of humanism protesting about the many social needs that could be alleviated with those billions?  Why should an academic research project rate such an outrageous budget?  Because it's the eugenicist's spiral stairway to heaven, promising a powerful shortcut to "creating a race of thoroughbreds"; or in NA terms, it provides micro-screening for the "starseed" quality needed to populate the coming Age of Aquarius.]

Most assume that abortion and euthanasia laws uphold "pro-choice", ie, that such "selections" are explicitly left up to the affected individual or family.  Isn't the abortion credo summed up in "My body, my choice..."?   A less-publicized element in landmark abortion laws, such as "Roe v. Wade" (1973) and the American Law Institute Model Penal Code (1962), is that the doctors - not the parents - are given "the basic responsibility" for deciding abortions. Could abortion legislation ever be interpreted to force certain women to abort their babies for the "good of society"?  The sacred assumption of "woman's right to choose" was suspended years ago in China, where a nationwide forced-abortion program is funded by the UN "Fund for Population Assistance" [sic].  What about the newer movement for assisted suicide, respecting an individual's "right to die with dignity"?  The World Health Organization reported that at least 50 million "missing" Chinese women are possible euthanasia victims in a country that chooses to place higher value on its males. (WHO Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, in a UN report released Sept. 26, 1997)  How could this take place with the knowledge and approval - and assistance - of that global champion of Human Rights, the United Nations?

The answer is alarmingly simple.  In the New Age Plan to which the UN is dedicated,"quality of life" is a collective value, not to be interpreted by the selfish desires of an individual or group.  Certain forward-looking global figures have been telling us for decades that the individual's "quality of life" is secondary to that of the community: "Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are basic rights. But they are the rights of the individual and were listed [in the Declaration of Independence] at such a time when the literatures of freedom and dignity were concerned with the aggrandizement of the individual. They have only a minor bearing on the survival of a culture." (B.F. Skinner, prominent Harvard psychologist and writer).  "The ill-conceived 'love of neighbor' has to disappear, especially in relation to inferior or asocial creatures... in order to secure the maintenance of a hereditarily sound and racially pure people.... The life of an individual has meaning only in the light of that ultimate aim." (Dr. Arthur Guett, Nazi Director of Public Health) "We have seen more than once that the public welfare may call upon the best citizens for their lives.  It would be strange if it could not call upon those who already sap the strength of the State for these lesser sacrifices." (U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, in Buck v. Bell) "Society as the trustee of life is responsible to [collective] life for every botched [individual] life that comes into existence... [therefore society should] make it impossible for them ever to see the light of day." (Friedreich Nietzsche) [in all of the above, emphasis is mine to show parallels]

3d. Balance with the Earth is a NA principle which reminds mankind that in the midst of all his advances, he must not forget that he is also part of a Bigger Design in the cosmos. We might assume that this is meant to offset the eugenic mentality of omnipotence and impart a humbler perspective of man's position - and so it is at the grassroots level. However, it is a two-tiered philosophy which further serves the eugenics policy with regard to the upper ranks of NA leadership.

Part of man's enlightenment is to realize his responsibilities to care for the Earth. [Please note that New Agers are not speaking here about ecology, although they use genuine ecology to attract caring, responsible people.  We are now examining a religion in which man serves the Earth, capital "E", as a goddess/mother.] While man is certainly obligated to take better care of the planet's resources, in the NA value system the Earth does not exist to serve and sustain man; nor is man, for all his uniqueness in nature, to be regarded as superior to nature in any way.  Both concepts, derived from Judaism, are arrogant and wrong. "To give preference to the life of a being simply because it is a member of our species would put us in the same position as racists." ("bioethicist" Peter Singer, _Animal Liberation_.  Significantly, Professor Singer is now Chairman of Princeton University's "Center for Human Values".) In the same spirit, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (champion of compulsory sterilization laws as noted in the eugenics section) commented, "I see no reason for attributing to man a significance different in kind from that which belongs to a baboon or a grain of sand."

But it is not enough that man is no longer to be considered the crowning achievement in creation, or even that "Mother Earth's needs" must come before those of global humanity.  By some peculiar reverse logic, man in his newly-found godhood begins his divine "at-one-ment" with Nature by admitting that he is an alien, an intruder, a blight on Nature: "Human happiness and certainly human fecundity are not as important as a wild and healthy planet.  I know social scientists who remind me that people are part of nature, but it isn't true.... We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth.... Until such time as homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along." (U.S. National Park Service biologist David Graber, reviewing Bill McKibben's _The End of Nature_ in _The Los Angeles Times_, Oct. 22, 1989)   "The real enemy [which humanity must unite to fight] is humanity itself." (_The First Global Revolution_, Club of Rome, p.115)  "[Mankind is] the cancer of the planet." (U.S. Department of State Bulletin, Jan. 31, 1966, p.176)  Accordingly, the U.S. government is currently setting aside huge tracts of American land which will be off-limits to human beings, including locations where forcible population transfer will be necessary.  Clearly the much-publicized NA creed of "returning to Nature" can mean something not anticipated by many who have jumped on the "Earth First" bandwagon.

To deal with this "cancer" which is humanity, not only is the quality of human life to be strictly controlled, but the quantity as well.  Drastic reduction of the human "plague" is a NA mandate of the highest order, and  therefore (human) over-population is sold by the Western media and government as the greatest menace facing the Earth today, beginning with the landmark book, _The Population Bomb_, by Paul Ehrlich: "We must cut out the cancer of population growth.  Coercion?  Perhaps, but coercion in a good cause." (p.11) The Georgia Guidestones, a tourist site dubbed "America's Stonehenge", is a monument to New Age priorities, and over-population gets attention from first to last - literally.  Engraved on huge granite slabs in 12 different languages (including Hebrew) are a NA equivalent to the Ten Commandments, said to be dictated by anonymous "guides".  Guideline Number One specifies that earth's population must be reduced to 1/2 billion in order to "balance with Nature", implying that at least 80% of humanity must be eliminated.  Guideline Number Ten reads: "Be not a cancer on the earth - leave room for nature, leave room for nature."  While the Guidestones were erected by an anonymous group which cannot claim to represent NA leadership worldwide, prominent figures concur that catastrophic population reductions are necessary for humanity's advancement: "The total world population should be not more than 2 billion, rather than the current 5.6 billion [in 1994]." (Cornell University professor David Pimentel, speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science)  The UN was even more specific: "A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion.  At the more frugal European standard, 2 to 3 billion would be possible." ("UNEP Global Assessment Report", Phase One Draft, sec.9)  [According to the UN Population Census table, its 1 billion limit would take us back to the global population of the year 1804, and 2 billion to 1927.]  At the "State of the World Forum", sponsored by the Gorbachev Foundation and attended by many world leaders (San Francisco, 1995), Dr. Sam Keen, a respected NA philosopher, proposed the more stringent Georgia Guidestones level of 1/2 billion: "Cut the population [of roughly 5.8 billion that year] by 90% and there aren't enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage." (William Jasper, "Global Gorby", _The New American_, Oct. 30, 1995)  Al Gore, U.S. Vice President at the time, went so far as to blame over-population in Third World countries for global warming. (_Washington Times_, "Third World Birth Control Tops Gore's List of 'Global Warming' Cures", Oct. 1997) [How an abundance of dark-skinned babies can affect global temperatures more than an abundance of American cars, power plants, shopping malls and air conditioners is a mystery I'm still pondering. The fact that the man wasn't laughed out of office provides yet more food for thought.]

[Note: Reputable scientists have been offering proof that the earth is not overpopulated at all, but that the available land, food and populations are not being managed efficiently.  Consider Colin Clark, former Director of the Oxford University Agricultural Economic Institute, who determined that with today's technology enough food can be produced to feed 35.1 billion people with "an American-type diet" using only 50% of the earth's land mass. Or Roger Revelle, former Director of the Harvard Center of Population Studies, who came up with a figure providing a 2500-calorie diet for 40 billion, using only 25% of land - and having enough left over for growing fiber, rubber, coffee/tea, and even tobacco!  One would think that New Agers would be delighted with this display of "unlimited human potential" to manage life on the planet.  But such research (by "former" directors) is carefully ignored by colleagues, the U.S. government, the UN and the media. This curious fact points to an ulterior motive in perpetuating an "over-population crisis".  The NA mandate for eugenics identifies the true agenda.]

Some leading personalities are uneasy about what amounts to a global purge, although they recognize its necessity: "This is a terrible thing to say: In order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it's just as bad not to say it." (Jacques Cousteau, _UNESCO Courier_, Nov. 1991)  Others have been quite matter-of-fact about it: "I do not pretend that birth control is the only way in which population can be kept from increasing.  There are others... If a Black Death could be spread throughout the world once in every generation, survivors could procreate freely without making the world too full.... The state of affairs might be somewhat unpleasant, but what of it?  Really high-minded people are indifferent to suffering, especially that of others." (Bertrand Russell, _The Impact of Science on Society_, p.xv)

[According to some scientists, there is evidence that Russell's suggestion above - written in 1953 - is being followed today, with global epidemics being encouraged both actively and passively (by withholding cures), as a method of world population reduction.  Dr. J. Gordon Edwards, a biologist who fought the 1960s ban on DDT, asserts the ecological damage attributed to this pesticide was fabricated; the real "problem" with DDT was that it had prevented 500 million malaria-related deaths since its introduction in the 1950s, a result which the then-President of the Club of Rome, Alexander King, termed "my chief quarrel with DDT... In Guyana, within two years, it had almost eliminated malaria.... It has greatly added to the population problem." See these and other quotes in "Remembering _Silent Spring_ and its Consequences", a monograph by Gordon. A similar claim is made by Dr. Leonard Horowitz; see _Gulf War Syndrome: The Spreading Epidemic Coverup_, and _Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola_.]

In summary, we see that the guiding principle for NA human evolution is "survival of the fittest", also known as "social Darwinism". [Here is a clue to the inexplicable force-feeding to schoolchildren of the obsolete theory of Darwinist evolution.  This hypothesis has become so hard to support that it has many prominent scientists squirming, while NA groups like World Goodwill continue to trumpet it as "proven scientific fact".  See another SearchLight article for choice quotes from scientists.  See also my forecast of a new "mutation" in store for Darwinism.]  A necessary preparation for the leap upward is the isolation, refinement and preservation of the top 10% of humanity as the new "seed". The major NA efforts at indoctrination are therefore designed to get the other 90% of humanity to accept this elitist selection as necessary and just, and if possible to secure their cooperation in the purge.  [To the extent that the masses rely on the "truths" of karma and reincarnation, they can be persuaded to accept billions of deaths, including their own, with attitudes ranging from resignation to serenity to anticipation.  In the near future, as many as possible among the 90% will probably be encouraged to voluntarily take their own lives, choosing from a variety of pleasant ways to "go on to the next life".  It is no accident that a whole genre of apocalyptic movies has sprung up recently, whose heroes are ordinary characters (usually from the over-40 generation) who can prevent the end of human life only by accepting their own deaths. Examples: _Armageddon_, _Deep Impact_, _Independence Day_, _End of Days_.... Is this a subliminal preparation for many of the "old order" to adopt an imaginary "messiah" role by sacrificing their lives for the future of the "new" humanity?  See more on "death by choice" as a preparation for the global purge, in the "Plan" section.]

High on the list of those 90% which must be eliminated are the Jews who insist on Jewish identity: "When humanity has solved the Jewish problem (with the understanding and cooperation of the Jew)... it will do so by fusing the problem in one vast humanitarian situation. When that happens [the dissolution of the "Jewish race"], the problem [the presence of "separation" and "hate" in the world] will be rapidly solved and one of the major difficulties will disappear off the face of the earth.  Racial fusion will then be possible... and then there will be peace on earth." (Alice Bailey, _Externalisation_ II, p.77)  In other words, the entire fusion process which is to further human evolution is on hold until the Jews disappear as a group.  She named this as one of four major "world problems" that must be solved within "the next two centuries" (the other three are humanity's attachment to old-age notions of national territory, sex and death).  When Jews forget that they are Jews, "we shall see a very different world." (_The Destiny of Nations_ p.34-35)

And what of Jews who have concluded that their offense to humanity is simply the ancient Jewish religion?  Their solution is to exchange the Sinai-covenant-based identity for one based on the Holocaust legacy, or Zionism, or Jewish culture and ethics, in the conviction that the "family of man" will have no objection to a non-religious Jewishness. [Such "progressive Jews" are advised to wake up and smell the coffee:  each one of these substitute identity-anchors is being attacked today with the same vigor, and with the same objections, as the "outmoded" religion they discarded.  It is clear that NO basis for Jewish consciousness will be allowed in the New Humanity - religious or secular.  See more details in the Views on Jews section.] Actually, the possibility of a secular Jewish identity independent of the Jewish religion is debated among Jews, but not among New Age philosophers.  Bailey distinguishes between two subgroups, "the Jews and the narrow-minded religious devotees", acknowledging that secular and religious Jews have different reasons for "regard[ing] themselves as the Chosen People"; yet she concludes: "The world problem [of Jewish identity] is essentially a religious problem." (_The Destiny..._ p.35)  We may logically conclude that for Bailey disciples, any kind of Jewish identity whatsoever will be considered a religious obstacle to human evolution, a matter to be resolved in the planned global purge.

4. The "rebirth" process in human evolution, Nature's destructive purge: Each time a new subrace is about to begin, there are great upheavals in human society, with corresponding "birth pangs" in "Mother Earth" (also addressed by the goddess-name "Gaia").  Since mankind and nature are spiritually "interdependent" and interconnected, one expresses the turmoil of the other, also a foundational belief of pantheism.

In the previous upheaval heralding a new subrace, the "brilliant and spiritually advanced" civilization of Atlantis was destroyed in a great Flood (an event that Bailey acknowledged was recorded in the Torah book of Genesis, but with "distortions").  However, New Agers run into three major difficulties here:
(1) They cannot explain why the advanced spiritual state of Atlantis did not qualify them to make the quantum leap to the Aryan subroot, and Bailey herself does not attempt it. There are conflicting theories among NAers on what the Atlanteans did to merit their destruction, most agreeing only that it was karma which overtook these pre-Flood peoples. An alternate story is that the "ascended masters" themselves sank Atlantis, considering it a failed experiment due to human unfaithfulness to The Plan. Still another teaching is that they lost a war with the "Lemurians", survivors of an older race (Bailey identifies that race with today's Jews: _Externalisation_, p.77). However Bailey (or more accurately, her guide the "Tibetan Master"), unwilling to attribute failure to the Hierarchy, says elsewhere that the Atlantean war was caused by the Hierarchy's decision to lead humanity into union of the opposites: spirit/matter, good/evil, light/dark, right/wrong. (See _Initiation, Human and Solar_, IV, p.35)  The only explanation universally shunned by NAers is that the disaster was judgment on a corrupt humanity, dealt out by a transcendent Judge as stated in the Jewish tradition.
(2) There is no explanation for how the law of human evolution was defied - not once but twice - with the race of Jews managing to outlive both the destruction that wiped out Atlantis (the "superior race") and the preceding cataclysm in which Atlantis was to replace their "dying race". Or, if we switch to Bailey's short-age scenario, there is no explanation for why the Jews did not die out when their Aries Age ended and the new Piscean (Christian) Age commenced 2000 years ago, as the law of human evolution says must happen. [Besides the puzzle of the Jews' staying power, I have yet to grasp how Bailey reconciles the Jews having an age of dominance in two mutually exclusive eras, Lemuria and Aries. To my knowledge, the Jews were the only "race" she named as leading humanity more than once in history.  I dunno... maybe the cosmos called for an encore?]
(3) To make matters worse, Bailey turns the whole evolutionary theory upside-down by assigning the losers of humanity the privilege of starting the new race: "At the close of this solar system, a certain percentage of the human family will fail to make the grade and will then be held in pralaya, or in solution, until the time for the manifestation of the next and third solar system comes around. Then they will constitute the advanced guard and the symbol of the coming humanity of that system. The same thing occurred in the system before this one [involving] those whom we now call the Jews." (_Externalisation_ II p.76) [Sounds promising - since the Jews are once more identified as "not making the grade", will they lead the Aquarian Age as well?]

No matter - the problematic Jews are still here, and by all calculations they've worn out their cosmic welcome for this age.  This verdict and its implications are what concern us at present.

Since we are now on the verge of a new subrace, we can expect to see great upheavals again, both in society and in "Mother Earth", in the form of famines, storms, earthquakes, plagues, chaos, social breakdown, violence and crime, disease, despair, insanity, etc., increasing until the new age is "birthed". Some of the destruction will be managed by deliberate wars as well.  Barbara Marx Hubbard, a founder of the "Congressional Clearinghouse for the Future" and one-time Democratic nominee for Vice President [she lost and went on to better things as a prime channeler] describes this stage of history as "the time of the silence in Heaven. This is the cosmic instant immediately preceding the onslaught of the intensified selection process [note the recycled Nazi term], or tribulations. What the angels are waiting for, dearly beloved, is you of my New Order of the Future. [clearly Hubbard is not speaking here, but her spirit guide] You represent the possibility of the avoidance of the painful process of selection, which means the destruction of the self-centered who cannot inherit the powers of co-creation." (_The Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth_, p.162. Previously published under the title, _The Book of Co-Creation_)  John Randolph Price, architect of World Healing Day and World Instant of Cooperation, and founder of the Quartus Foundation, relays what his spirit guide "Asher" told him: "Nature will soon enter her cleansing cycle.  These individuals [two billion people who have no "ring of protection" around them] with their lower vibratory rates will be removed during the next two decades." (quoted in _Like Lambs to the Slaughter_, Johanna Michaelson, p.307-310) It was actually Price's spirit guide, "Asher", who dictated this information and more in a book, _Practical Spirituality_. His "World Healing Meditation", written in 1984, must be read with Price's/Asher's definition of "healing" and "cleansing" in mind. [See more such quotes in the "Plan" section.]

These cataclysmic events are not to be resisted or remedied; they are the "cosmic birth" process, which like all birth tends to get messy for a time. It is "a passing away of the old framework" with "the Light beginning to expose and correct malfunctions in the created order... not an age to fear, but to rejoice." (Romney, _Journey_)  Global disasters have the benefit of weeding out the inferior seeds of humanity, whose bad karma was coming due anyhow.  In spite of this, many NA groups focus on relief projects for both humanity and nature. [Critics have charged that very little money is actually used to relieve suffering among the people they are claiming to help.  Given this observation, which dovetails well with the attitude expressed throughout this section, the only logical motive for NA relief projects is to draw sincere social activists into their orbit to indoctrinate them with NA "enlightenment."]

The two purging processes - natural disasters and organized "population assistance" programs driven by eugenicist philosophy - help the evolutionary progress by purging the human race of residue from inferior races, which will increase the "purity of the root stock" as all "natural selection" tends to do. With a little help, of course.

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